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    I’m using their paid service just because I wanted to try it free before installing it, but since it is only $15 a year, I just paid. The app itself is great and fast.

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      Miniflux is damn good when compared to every other reader I’ve tried to self-host. Not being in written in PHP earns it a lot of stars if nothing else.

      My only gripe with it is that, like lots of projects with Simple or Mini in the name, is that bloat is difficult to hold back and is starting to creep in. Personally I could do without the third-party integrations and OAuth, among other things that make it a little bigger than mini.

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        The first version of miniflux was written in php I recently found out.

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        I am running Miniflux for a few months now on a free Heroku instance. It took me less than 10 minutes to have it running. I did this setup to try out Minuflux, but since it works I will use until (if?) it breaks. Minuflux is a great software!

        Free Postgres instance on Heroku has a row limit and I wonder when I will hit it. This must depend on how many feeds you subscribe, but then I don’t mind deleting old entries when the day come.

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          I’m self-hosting at home on older hardware, and it works great this far. I partially miss the regex tagging features from ttrss, so that I could filter out some more interesting posts automagically - like when going through classifieds looking for specific stuff.

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            I recently switched from tiny tiny rss to miniflux, after almost a decade of ttrss and am loving it.