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    I found questions that don’t apply (I don’t use IDEs, nor do I care to use IDEs [1]) or I have a philosophical difference (OO—horribly overrated, much like Uncle Bob). Also, where are the questions about functional programming, or declarative programming?

    [1] I have yet to find an IDE that doesn’t crash horribly. I’ve done this over the past 30 years.

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      Several questions have both “yes” and “of course” as answers, which seems problematic.

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        Also, is LinkedList a particular type in a language? In the beginning it refers to something called “Array” then latter “array” so I don’t know if “Array” is a specific type. Or does the author just mean a “linked list”? And is Advanced above or below Professional?

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        I guess it’s because I have cookies disabled, but the entire section where I thought I’d see the questionnaire is empty.

        Regardless, I don’t believe it’s possible to judge “every programmer” based on a 15 minute survey. Every time I’ve seen something like this in the past, the questions say more about the person creating them than they do about the general population of programmers.

        In any case, I’m curious to see it.

        As an aside, since I started blocking cookies a couple weeks ago, I’ve been amazed at the number of sites that just completely break.