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    Places to post your startup practices erickarjaluoto.com

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    I tried to group content, so readers could make sense of all the options. I also documented some of the ones that are gone/inactive, just to save interested folks some time.

    I know the list is incomplete. At this moment I just don’t have the energy to add more of them. Perhaps I’ll feel differently in a few days.

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      This content seems more fit for Hacker News than lobste.rs.

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        Sorry about that—my bad.

        I think I’m still a little confused about what content is suitable here.

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          Well, this is advice about how to effectively build momentum for your startup; I have never seen discussion of how to run a startup on lobste.rs. Career advice is certainly relevant here, but yes, this is one of the few cases where I’ll agree that HN is the clearly better destination, since startups are HN’s entire reason for existing.

          A good way to figure out if something is relevant here in general is to look at what tags you’re trying to put on it, and whether they really fit. If there isn’t anything that does, it probably hasn’t been sufficiently interesting. I suppose “practices” does include this stuff, so that wouldn’t have helped in this case.

          When in doubt, write a few sentences in the description field about why you found the link interesting or important, and why you think this audience would - at the very least, I think people will at least be nice enough not to downvote in that case. :)

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            That makes sense. And I don’t mind the downvotes—it’s a good way for me to get a sense for what’s suitable here. :-)

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              Okay :)