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    Dont really have the time to try this out untill the next few days, but I’m interested in seeing how well it fares against Deoplete. Especially in terms of completion source support, as I’ve found deopletes speed to be more than enough.

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      It should be easier to install NCM than you thought.

      Code completion source support is way fewer than deoplete’s. Since I have very limited tmie, I might consider simply support some of deoplete’s sources.

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      The title is slightly misleading - it supports Vim 8.x and later too: …



      Or vim8 with has(“python”) or has(“python3”)

      I’m still using Vim as I haven’t found a Neovim GUI that quite matches MacVim (sad, I know).

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        It works on vim8 via vim-hug-neovim-rpc. But vim8 support is still experimental, sice the compatible layer vim-hug-neovmi-rpc is not mature.

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          Have you tried VimR?

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