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As I said in https://lobste.rs/s/xqxoma/everything_i_missed_in_vim_after_11_years_2013 here is a blog post detailing my neovim setup, this is also my very first blog post, so it would be great to receive comments/tips/insults.


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    Thanks for the blog post - this was the encouragement I needed to build neovim on OpenBSD, which was simple. (Now I need to find the time to make a port :~/)

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      Hope you find the time, the server I’m planning to move my website to is running openbsd.

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      Oooh, thanks! I’ve been looking for something like this. If I can get good autocomplete in neovim I think I’ll be moving back from Atom, as the only reason I switched was because of the awesome autocompletion it offers.

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        Deoplete is still a little young compared to all the other auto complete engines for various editors, so it might be a little lacking. But I havent tested it with plugins like jedi and omnisharp, it is highly probable that they intergrate well.

        Edit: Upon further reading of the deoplete sources, it asynchronously reads local files and ctags for keywords and synchronously reads the vim omnifunc. So it intergrates seamlesly with stuff like necoghc and etc

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          I have youcompleteme enabled with neovim. Works like a charm and installing with vim-plug is a cinch: https://github.com/ahal/configs/blob/master/nvim/init.vim#L6

          Just run :PlugInstall after.

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          I was more intrigued by the Linux distro he uses (Void. I’m looking for a simple and clean Linux distro. I’ve used Debian and Arch for many years but I’d love to experiment with something else. Any recommendations?

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            I’ve been enjoying NixOS because in some sense I don’t have to care about how much it installs; my interface with it is declarative and will produce the same system (modulo package upgrades) from the same configuration file, every time.

            That said, a lot of simple things are broken or under-documented on it, but if you’re used to Arch you should have no problem; the Arch wiki is where I go to learn how to fix them. For me, things being broken and needing attention is a feature right now, anyway.

            It’s a systemd distribution, in case that’s a problem for you.

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              I wanted to try a lean distro, I started on arch which is great. But systemd leaves a stale taste in my mouth, so I wanted to try something else. I switched to Gentoo which is really cool but compiling everything can get annoying.

              Void Linux really fit the profile perfectly though, it feels like arch, but the init system is the minimalistic runit. It also has the most unixy of package managers. (install, query and remove are all their own executables)

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                I’ve been using CRUX for the last few months and it’s quite nice. The ports system is dead simple. Not a fan of the way it handles init, which is why I’ve replaced sysvinit with sinit.

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                  Been using void for like 6 months and have been very happy with it.

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                  Very cool, I should get around to using neovim instead of vim.

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                    Sent the author a message because this now 404s when you click it.

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                        Thanks it’s a great article! Definitely intend to check Neomake and Delimitmate out!

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                      Maybe its just me, but I find the color of your links unreadable. Trying to focus on the pink on the gray background is causing noticeable strain on my eyes. Might want to revisit that.

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                        Not enough value contrast. I grayscaled a screenshot of the first two paragraphs which illustrates pretty well that the links are mostly just too dark. As a general rule, no matter your color choices, your page/image/whatever should still be legible in grayscale, since we perceive value contrast much more strongly than hue or saturation contrast.

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                          I think the w3c guidelines for accessible contrast levels would be a good insert here.

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                            These bookmarklets are helpful to use during the design process to prevent problems like this. ;)

                            Also, these for simulating color blindness.

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                            I cant do it now, but I’ll change it when I get back home.

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                            I believe you you were using Syntastic, not YouCompleteMe for linting, right?

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                              YouCompleteMe does both, but only for c and c++, I used syntastic for everything else. (Though ycm is able to use omnifunc to give completions for other languages)

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                                Thanks, I never knew that.

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                              It took me long enough to be willing to switch from nvi to vim. Not sure when I’ll be ready to try neovim…

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                                Just copy or symlink your vim files/folders to the nvim config emplacement and everything should work out of the box.