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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      After a half a year of searching I’m starting my new job today. I’m excited to finally make some money to pay for some new furniture and baby clothes for my firstborn, coming to you late winter 2023

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        Congrats on both counts!

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      I started on a repl for coil this weekend, and I want to keep working on it but I’m already feeling the motivation dropping.. I am playing a solo show this weekend so I’m gonna spend each night trying to work on songs until the night before settling on the same songs I wrote year(s) ago.

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      Gonna make a big push on my latest text editor. Hoping to have it done by the end of the month.

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      WWDC, NHL finals, just absorbing things really.

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      My team has been slowly disintegrating for months and it’s looking like the pace may increase so I’m interviewing now. It’s hard to balance doing right by your existing team and finding time for interviews. I don’t typically like to keep secrets. Definitely feeling a bit guilty sneaking around. C’est la vie, I suppose.

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      Sailing in Greece with friends and apparently staying off the internet for the most part. Huzzah!

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      I’m trying to get Flitterite, my fork of flitter, to a point where other people might find it useful. This week I’m hoping to finish refactoring the display/rendering code and perform a speedrun with it.

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      Fixing a big Paypal through Braintree bug in Magento 2.4.5. And hopefully freezing development on this e-commerce project by Friday so we can get it in the hands of the rest of our org before releasing it into the wild.

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      Plenty of normal dayjob stuff, otherwise post processing an Abstract Syntax Tree / Intermediate Representation with typescript. Unit tests too. It was quite mundane to make a switch tree for 40 symbols.

      It’s looking like I will share some code in CI and on the edge for processing this JSON friendly structure.

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        This sounds relevant to my interests, is there any place you’re sharing more details about your TS work I can go read? Or could you go into a little more detail about it here if it’s not private work stuff?

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          I’ll likely write about it after I get it done!

          My blog source is something between LaTeX and sort-of lispy markdown. My goal is to escape its proprietary and quirky markup format. As a feasibility test, I transformed its virtual DOM-like structure into a whitespace aware RFC like txt file. It was a success! It would be less work and more beneficial in the long run to switch to a new platform with extraction and transformation than to rewrite all content word for word.

          After this is done, I could theoretically parse markdown, put it into my structure, and transform it into another format with ease, much like how pandoc can go from markdown to LaTeX.

          This technique is vital for static application security testing and source to source transformation for vulnerabilities and updates at scale. Consider how much engineering effort and risk is avoided by automating OpenSSL minor and patch upgrades at Microsoft / Amazon / Google.

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      I have a couple weeks before I start my new job

      • FINALLY finish making a swing for my daughter (…and me 😁)
      • Receiving some new tech tomorrow so playing with that (upgrade to iPad Mini + Pencil, Apple Watch, and new hard drive for movies/shows)
      • Work on design for a board game bookshelf for us (the wire racks that everyone has just aren’t cutting it anymore). Will also hold our LEGOs.
      • Figure out how to deploy/host my now-MVP-complete D&D Story Sharing Social website.
      • Keep playing Zelda TotK – I’m a completionist so this will take A WHILE. (F#^%ing Koroks….)
      • Watch more anime than I should
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      working on the transition between walking and sliding with physx and wickedengine. one is a character controller, the other a rigid body.

      the transition has to be seamless. turns out rigid body slowly gains inertia so you have to maintain the controller’s final velocity for a few frames before physx updates the inertia fully.

      discovered this after setting mass to a high value, which fixed the issue but caused others. head scratching about why this could fix it. turns out inertia changes gradually and mass impacts that rate.

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      planning to finally pick my music player project back up and polish it for an 0.1.0 release. we’ll see how that goes, though ^^;

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      I got myself a Watchy and I’ve been poring over datasheets and drivers over the last few days while I’m waiting for the watch to come in the mail. The grand plan is to write a custom firmware for it in Rust using esp-rs and embassy to replace the reference firmware and eventually improve upon it. I know very little about embedded development and using Rust with no_std so this has been very interesting!

      There are Rust drivers for all the components already, but some are not complete and I wanted to use async so I’m starting to rewrite them using embedded-hal-async. At the moment I’m writing the driver for the accelerometer. I’m excited to see what happens when I finally manage to flash it.

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      Taking this week and next off and hoping to finalise plans for my next job.