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    Do we actually need ref?

    I’ve been wondering about this myself. Can anyone provide an intuitive explanation that goes beyond the official docs?

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      Yes, we still need ref. In the context of patterns, ref adds a reference, while & matches a reference.

      let x = Some(42);
      let Some(ref y) = x; // y is now &42
      // let Some(&y) = x; <- fails to compile, because x is not a reference to anything
      let value = 42;
      let a = Some(&value);
      let Some(ref b) = a; // b is now &&42
      let Some(&c) = a; // c is now 42

      (note: the above code doesn’t actually compile, because rustc assumes there’s some way that x and a might possibly become None before the following lines, but that check happens in a phase after the one that gives problems for z)

      Since * is the dereference operator, you might expect * in a pattern to create a reference, but * is also the sigil for raw pointers (in the same way that & is the sigil for references) so that wouldn’t work.