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This is something we’ve built atop Officehours, in an effort to build a better sort of newsfeed.

The main idea we’re playing with is that content needs to be sorted/sortable to make it useful. As such, we’re requiring each post to be placed into a single category/subject, and be of a certain type (article, product launch, job, et cetera).

It’s very early on. We soft-launched last night, and are doing closed testing (approved members can post articles; all members can comment).

I’m sort of torn with this one. I think it has potential, as we’re trying to cut down the amount of self-promotion, bragging, and junk that one might find in LinkedIn. That said, this approach will make it harder for people to post, which might make it discouraging for some.

Here’s some more on what we’re doing, and trying to achieve: http://blog.officehours.io/streams-is-in-closed-beta/