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    Is anyone hiring for new grads ? ask job

Hi I’m just curious to see if anyone hiring new grads or just in general during covid19.

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    Levels has a Who’s Still Hiring page: https://www.levels.fyi/still-hiring/

    The company I work for (Galatea Associates) is on there and we take new grads.

    Best of luck in the job hunt!

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      Thank you for sharing that

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      In general, there is growing evidence that graduating during a recession has long-term impacts on one’s lifetime earnings. As a little bit of good news, it looks like that through mobility it is possible to close the earning gap. My advice would be to get a job in the field you want, even if it’s not a good fit right now and be open to change jobs as soon as the market becomes better.

      Best of luck out there.

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        Hiring at https://coder.com

        Feel free to hit me up at my email!

        We love to see open source involvement and our codebase is mainly Go/Typescript/C/Bash

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          Are you looking for new grads

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          Datadog has an extensive college recruitment program for recent grads https://www.datadoghq.com/careers/ - I can connect you with the right folks to talk to if you like. Hit me on my email.

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            Sounds good l’ll email you

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              Do they have entry-level positions? All the ones i can see have requirements like

              You have a track record as an engineer in the operations of a large site

              Your knowledge of JVM is deep and you’ve been in direct contact with JVM internals

              You’re knowledgeable about JIT optimization techniques, you’ve wrestled different garbage collector algorithms

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                We do hire juniors. You want to look at the general Software Engineer positions. We get many of our entry level positions straight from universities either by hiring on interns after some rotations or recent grads through college recruitment. We also have a program to hire on boot-camp graduates into our Customer Support teams, which are a stepping stone in Software Engineering.

                We definitely fall into the cliche of putting up impossible job requirements in posts, as do many companies. Sometimes it makes sense for the role we’re trying to fill, sometimes not.

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                  Ahh, I see. I’m in ca; not as much selection as in the us/eu, so I missed some of the less…postured listings.

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                    We have quite a few Canadians on staff, including interns. Just sayin’.

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                Are you looking for new grads