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    No matter how many Vim Tips & Tricks articles I encounter, I always learn something new

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      I’m not sure if Bram Moolenaar himself knows everything his own software is capable off.

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      An extensive list! I never knew about gx either, seems like that should be included in vimtutor

      I can’t seems to get breakindent/showbreak to work as described, it just prepends each wrapped line with \\\… does anyone know how to get this to work?

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        They might have some issue going on with the blog post formatting, maybe it’s meant to be 4 (escaped?) spaces? Instead of setting showbreak to 4 spaces, you can set breakindentopt to shift:4.

        Here’s my config:

        set breakindent " indent wrapped lines, by...
        set breakindentopt=shift:4,sbr " indenting them another level and showing 'showbreak' char
        set showbreak=↪
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          That works perfectly, thanks!