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    Would love to see some more infos about build quality, battery life, touchpad performance, how many nits can the display deliver and so on.

    A friend bought a 2015 model (I believe) and he was not happy with the overall build quality. But I had the chance to have the newer InfinityBook model in my hands for a short moment and I have to say that it felt much better (build quality-wise).

    Glad to see more Linux-first devices. Tuxedo seems to be a smaller German manufacturer. Is this CLEVO hardware? Do they support fwupd?

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        Thanks for the feedback. Since I got quite a few hardware-detail related questions, I will write a follow-up blogpost covering those. I’ve also approached the vendor to see whether there are more details that can be covered.

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          Definitely interested in a follow up on this.

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          A colleague of mine had a Tuxedo notebook but this thing looked rather Chinese than German. (I don’t know what version it was, though.)

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          I don’t follow CPU updates closely, so seeing a fanless i5 (i5-8200Y @ 1.3GHz) made me wonder how it stacks up against fan-needing models.

          Not bad, it seems. i5-8200Y gets a PassMark benchmark of 4206. My three year old Dell XPS gets 4428 (i7-6500U) by comparison, and it gets pretty loud under sustained CPU load (more than maybe 10 seconds of it and fans will run full speed). Of course a current gen XPS probably has a much faster CPU again.

          I guess the real question I should be asking is how aggressively the fanless CPU will be thermally throttled under sustained load.

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            I wonder as well. My MacBook Air has nearly the same CPU (i5-8210Y) and its little fan is actually useful. Even if it’s among the most energy-efficient Intel CPUs you can find today, it is still a bit too powerful for a fanless laptop.