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    It will arrive sooner in Java than in C#. Sad for the C# state of affairs. Way to go Java!

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      I can’t get over the fact they used a double for the currency conversion. Even if it might be fine in this example (I think it’s not) it’s highly confusing.

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        Does Java have a “native” decimal type?

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          There is java.math.BigDecimal class in the standard library.

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            Thanks! I’m a Java n00b.

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          It is not relevant to the topic of the article, but yes, it is almost certainly wrong.

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          It is nice, but maybe even better it would be to officially allow annotation preprocessors to modify the classes, so it will be possible to do this (like does Lombok in a dirty way) and even more (it would be a generic solution, not only single-purpose for records/pojo).