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    I adore the simplicity of make as a declarative build tool, but for a build system whose operative principle is a close correspondence with the filesystem, the placement of additional, subtle restrictions on valid filenames are ridiculous. I’d happily trade away most of make’s features for a core that didn’t choke on spaces.

    (If anybody knows of such an alternative, please share!)

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      I think it’s pretty common on UNIX platforms to avoid spaces where possible. Finding spaces in filenames is peculiar, and generally not a good sign.

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      This page does not render well at all on Android’s Chrome or Firefox for Android.

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        Should be better now. Thank you for reporting.

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        To try to making workingwith JavaScript more tolerable I wrap up everything with the C Preprocessor, seems I am not alone on this either. This gives me #include and #define, plus I am overly keen on NDEBUG (so using make NDEBUG=1 for non-debug builds).

        Anyway, the runes I use are:

        CPPFLAGS := -x assembler-with-cpp -P -undef -Wundef -nostdinc -Wtrigraphs -fdollars-in-identifiers -CC
        ifdef NDEBUG
            CPPFLAGS += -DNDEBUG=1
        whatever.js: whatever.jscpp
            $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -o $@ $<

        Of course, like in the article, you can then have minified targets or anything else you like too.

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          Suggestion: add Gemfile as a prerequisite to bundle.