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    Are there any one try Himalaya? I use offlineimap currently, and wonder whether Himalaya can replace it.

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      Himalaya is a command-line interface for managing your emails, it does not synchronize them.

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        I see there are imap related fields in Himalaya config, and have Maildir support, doesn’t this mean it can sync mails?

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          Yes it can, but it’s not the scope of this project. The aim of himalaya is to interact with your emails from your terminal, for scripts, from UIs etc. IMAP and Maildir support just mean that himalaya can use these protocols to manage your emails.

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        If I understand correctly what I read, they are complementary, because Himalaya doesn’t sync between IMAP servers and maildirs. It’s a client to read your mail directly on IMAP servers, or in maildirs.

        It’s more mutt than offlineimap :)

        Edit: oh, well, wasn’t quick enough :)

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          Sorry :D yes you right, it is closer to mutt than offlineimap or mbsync. But I would place himalaya below mutt, you can see it as an API. UIs like mutt could be developed on the top of himalaya.

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        I think calling it ‘the’ CLI email client, when mutt, notmuch, Gnus, nmh &c. exist is a bit much. I am sure it is very nice, but is is an email client.

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          Himalaya is a CLI, not a TUI. You can use it directly from your terminal or from scripts. I say ‘the’ in a sense that it might be the only CLI email available there. I respect a lot all the tools you mentioned, they gave me a lot of inspiration.

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            Ah, I see what you mean. It has been many, many years since I looked at it, but I think nmh counts as a CLI client, and in my opinion raw notmuch does too.

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              I did not know about nmh, interesting! Notmuch is only for reading/searching emails, but not writing. Himalaya proposes sth a bit more global. I’m working on the ability to select your own backends, this way you could use Notmuch for the reading part. They are complementary in fact.

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