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Set 8 of the Ex-Matasano challenges is now available on request



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    @filosottile: so, are you live streaming your attempts to solve them?

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      Yeah, I think that’s happening! A schedule will come (on Twitter I guess) once I figure out exactly how bad I am at livestreaming ;)

      Also, about @stig’s question, Sean here is the author of the challenges and the very first question I asked was if he would be ok with the results being public, and he was super-positive.

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        I thought you were not supposed to share your solutions to these? At least I’ve got vague memories of that being the reason I’ve kept my own (feeble) progress off GitHub.

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          Yeah, I think that’s the case. There was some talk on twitter of him livestreaming. People were ready to donate money to a charity of choice for him to do it. I haven’t checked Twitter to see if it’s going to happen or not, though.

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            It is not entirely clear from this quote on their front page:

            What Are The Rules?

            There aren’t any! For several years, we ran these challenges over email, and asked participants not to share their results. The honor system worked beautifully! But now we’re ready to set aside the ceremony and just publish the challenges for everyone to work on.

            I took the “set aside the ceremony” part to be referring to the quirky way the challenges were distributed, but perhaps they also mean that they no longer care if you share your results?

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              One of the authors of the Cryptopal challenges was promoting him livestreaming, so I think it’s ok. :)

              Edit: reference

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        I wonder what happened to Matasano. It used to be that you had to email them for the challenges, and I tried that once, but they never got back to me, and now they seem to have disappeared.

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          They got acquired for IIRC about $7 million. Don’t remember who acquired them. The founders are doing Starfighter now to use games to identify talent for for recruitment.

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            The NCC Group.

            Also, Starfighter is done. Patrick McKenzie is now at Stripe. He was their CEO.

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              Thanks for the update!

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          these are fun challenges. I highly recommend doing them if you enjoy tinkering with math-y type puzzles and crypto. They ramp up in a good way so you learn enough from each challenge to tackle the next challenge so they aren’t too intimidating.

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