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    Seeing as this was written over 10 years ago, has the format gotten better since? I wouldn’t know, I don’t use Windows that much. It sounds like the format is not set in stone according to the author:

    The format changes from release to release of Windows.

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      Last time I tried to edit it to remove references to a program that was incompletely uninstalled I ended up completely breaking windows resulting in a non-bootable machine. So I’d say at least on a user facing level, it’s still garbage.

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        This repo lists some changes between the formats in different versions https://github.com/msuhanov/regf/blob/master/Windows%20registry%20file%20format%20specification.md There’s been a few improvements.

        Now I wonder how does reactos implement it since it doesn’t need to be compatible at file level. I may dive into it and update later.