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    Some other helpful links for FreeBSD Boot Environments that I’ve found over time.

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      I wish the normal upgrade process automatically created a new BE for the pre-upgrade state. Nexenta’s version of apt did this and had an apt rollback command. If that works reliably then you can always upgrade to the new shiny whatever, secure in the knowledge that you can revert if it broke things. You can do the same with FreeBSD, but it’s a lot more manual steps.

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        Yes it would be great if at least freebsd-update(8) had a -B flag (example) to do the upgrade within new BE.

        At least the additional steps are very few and not that hard.

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          I would be willing to do this, if no one else plans on doing it. Any devs here to comment?

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            Adding support for that to freebsd-update(8) may be an interesting project. It might be a better idea to add this functionality as a separate program instead, because it could be that freebsd-update will be gone in FreeBSD 14 or FreeBSD 15 because of pkg base.

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          For those building from source, there is beinstall(8) available, which automates installation and boot environment management.

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            Pity beinstall(8) is only for compiling the sources.

            Its not an issue on a 16-core AMD Ryzen but its PITA on a 2-core low power laptop CPU :)