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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Please be descriptive and don’t hesitate to champion your accomplishments or ask for help, advice or other guidance.

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      For work, I’ve found myself leading an effort to weaponize some research, which is actually what I love doing more than just about anything. It’s really cool, even if it does involve Javascript.

      Otherwise, I have OS X^W^WmacOS running under QEMU/KVM on my big Linux box; I am going to get hardware passthrough working, and then switch over to that instance as my daily driver. For some reason, this particular violation of a license agreement gets me really excited – I can have two independent macOS instances, one for work and one for home! With CUDA support! And direct disk access! So I can just have Linux acting as the host, serving disk and Plex, and being my big Postgres machine.

      Band practice. I’ve been playing a lot of bass lately and while it’s hell on my hands, it is super fun in a way that guitar hasn’t been for a while. Maybe I’ll switch? Kiddo is up and moving around as if she’d never wanted to crawl anyway. Joke’s on her, however, as my wife is pregnant with Second Batch (due in March). We may never sleep again.

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        I have OS X^W^WmacOS running under QEMU/KVM on my big Linux box;

        Fuck da police, eh? I wonder if Apple will try to enforce their license. If so, they’ll know where to get your statement that you did it.

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          If squashing this particular mosquito with the proverbial B-52 that is a C&D letter is, in Apple’s judgement, a wise use of resources, so be it.

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            I don’t think you would get a C&D. You would get sued for copyright violation. But yeah, I can’t imagine Apple actually going after someone like this. Just don’t do anything high-profile or useful like running a macOS buildbot for some popular project on Github.

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              I mean, I’d certainly buy a decently provisioned Macintosh with an nVidia GPU in it, were one available. I have four already, for chrissakes.

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              Hmm, I do wonder if it would qualify as copyright violation?

              Certainly @jfb would be in violation of the license terms (as the license only allows for macOS to be run on Apple hardware, and I’m assuming they’re not doing so). If they acquired a legal copy of the OS from the App Store, would running it on non-Apple hardware be copyright violation?

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                The license says under what conditions you are granted to use the software. The license works thanks to copyright law. A violation of the license is a violation of copyright. It doesn’t matter that you paid for the software. That was just to buy a license. You still have to obey all of the license terms according to copyright law. There have been many successful copyright lawsuits over partial infringement of license terms. Wikipedia lists one involving the US military.

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                  The US military example isn’t quite the same as the case here (as they were using more licenses than they’d paid for).

                  I thought software licenses would fall under contract law (as there’s a contract between the two parties involved in the case under discussion). Wikipedia has a bit more on this (here too), but doesn’t quite address my possible confusion.

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                    The license says how many copies of a thing you can use. For example, EULAs frequently says that you can make one copy for archival purposes (or they used to, haven’t read EULAs recently). You are not paying for copies. You are paying for licenses and the terms that you can follow. When you pay for 500 copies, you are paying for one license to copy the software 500 times, because that’s what the text of the license says.

                    Licenses are indeed usually governed by contract law, but breaching the contract means you’re in violation of copyright, because only the license gives you permission to do things that copyright forbid you from doing (such as for example using the software).

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      I’m doing something manual, for a change.

      After some weeks lurking around the “Notebooks” community, I’ve built my first notebook. It’s really not that difficult and turns out to be very gratifying.

      Now I’m undecided on whether buying a leather cover or doing one myself… will probably go the easy path this time. However, don’t quote me on that ;)

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        Interesting - care to share some links to the “Notebooks” community? I’m a fan of fountain pens and writing on decent paper, so would be interested to learn more.

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          There are many forums and blogs on the net, but I like the Reddit community and text/image mixture, so that’s my go-to discussion and discovery platform: /r/notebooks

          There’s also a /r/fountainpens if you’re interested.

          Interestingly enough, different subreddits have different favorites – /r/notebooks likes Midoris, Moleskines and Leuchtturms, while /r/EDC prefers Field Notes. /r/fountainpens is permanently looking for the perfect paper.

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        Thought you were talking about Jupyter (IPython) notebooks! More leather in Python wouldn’t be such a bad thing ;)

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          Surely snakeskin would be more appropriate? (Sorry…:)

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      This time I’ll actually really be doing what I write here. I’m making my own MPD client (Music Player Daemon) with a hand-rolled GUI-like TUI https://github.com/pjanouch/nncmpp (early stage dev.)

      Edit: https://i.imgur.com/LMYofs4.png

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      I’m starting a new job this morning! Very excited, hoping this will fit what I’ve been searching for. The two month sabbatical has been great, and I taught myself everything about electronics I missed during University, but it’s time to get back to work (according to my bank account).

      For personal projects I set out to build a solar powered plant and environmental monitor. The remaining components arrive today and I am expecting to breadboard and code a working foundation by the end of the week.

      I also have a SupetBrightLEDs LED controller with RF remote on the way. I am planning on reversing the RF protocol with a bladeRF and GNU Radio. The end goal is to implement the on/off/dim commands on the smallest MCU I can work with and shove it inside a Philips Hue remote with tiny push buttons modded into the side of the Hue remote interacting with my custom MCU. Why? Because I don’t like having so many random remotes in the house and want to consolidate :)

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      The final for my operating systems course is what I’ll be working on.

      It’s a simulation of an operating system written in Java. Specifically, it will be three different types of processes (IO Intensive, CPU Intensive, and a combo one) that will be scheduled in different ways using either a First-come-first-serve scheduler, Round robin scheduler, or Shortest job first scheduler.

      If I find time outside of that, I will continue working on the developer certifications through FreeCodeCamp. Last week I finished the Random Quote generator project by making a Bastard Operator From Hell excuse generator.

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      Still looking for work. Visited 3 countries for interviews, a nice reason to travel and discover places.

      I built this JS / node / v8 perf thing https://mono.morph.ist for fun and to have an excuse to play more with docker and traefik. This week I intend to work a bit more on this, and to write a blog post.

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      Practicing photography :)

      I’m also idly wondering about what the best place to discuss and improve your photography with others actually is. It seems like there’s a lot of different avenues to this ranging from the big photo sites down to tiny outlets—mailing lists, subreddits, blog rings wrapping around popular photographers. The Big ones all seem to have some variety of angst from the perspective of growth as a photographer. Flickr is probably still the best, but for whatever reasons seems to be on the way down. 500px gets routinely dashed for its focus on likes and demands for reciprocation.

      Does anyone have any recommendations for a place where people can share photos, discuss, and critique in a good atmosphere? A community focused on learning/self improvement would be the best.

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        I also would be very interested in this. I am thinking of taking an off-line photo class this winter, because I like it a lot when I take a good picture, but my current procedure is to take hundreds nearly identical shots and pick the one I like the best after the fact. That seems wasteful.

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        Also interested.

        I’ve been trying to think more before taking shots, trying to figure out some of what the story I’m trying to tell with the photo, and to coax that story out of the film / sensor. It’d be really helpful to be able to discuss this with people.

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      I am a fledgling STEM Ambassador and tomorrow I am giving a 45 minute talk about my education and career to a group of 16-18 year old student at a local school, for their computer science class. I’ve given some tech talks before, but never such a long one, and never to a group of diverse kids. I am both excited, and feeling the pressure.

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      Just bought a ticket to Singapore for $WORK. I’ll be there for six months. Terrified.

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      I was hired to a new position at my employer, to GlobalNOC (woot!). Now, I’m having to teach myself MySQL specifically with all its… dialect intrestingness. I’m already familiar with DBs, mainly MongoDB and Mnesia. I worked with MySQL and MSSql loooong ago, and forgot a good chunk of it.

      Would anyone have any good pointers on source material that teaches people MySQL at a pro level, and not the ‘this is a table; this is a key’ level?

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        Although, not MySQL specific I would recommend The Essence of SQL - unfortunately you’ll need to see if you can find a second hand copy - or a library that actually as it to lend as it’s been out of print for a while…

        http://use-the-index-luke.com/ might also be helpful.

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      At $work I’ve moved from our Development Platform team to our Operations team, which I’m super excited about. Lots to learn from the rest of the Ops team, and the best way is to jump in at the deep end and have a need to learn things. (Slightly nervous about it, which I gauge to be a very good sign it’s the right move for me!)

      Outside of work, I’m off to Berlin for a week mid-week. Got a couple of days to explore on my own before the rest of my party arrives. Never been to Germany before, looking forward to exploring the city & mostly avoiding the usual touristy haunts. Not allowing myself to take a laptop, although I have borrowed an iPad from my youngest child so I can download images off my camera & do some basic photo editing whilst I’m there. Any recommendations of things to see/museums worth visiting gratefully received :-)

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        Tempelhof airfield!

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      This week I’m mostly working on two things:

      1. The software stack for my USB hardware hacking platform
      2. A formal design proposal whitepaper for the Rotor Browser

      The second has a slightly higher priority, as it needs to go into review to see whether or not it’ll fly. If it does, it’ll be the starting point for Rotor.

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        The software stack for my USB hardware hacking platform

        Please share details if you can!

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      Today is the first day of my master’s degree at Imperial, so this week I’ll be settling into both the university and the city. Choosing what courses to take is proving difficult; I hope that taking the harder and more interesting courses is a gamble that will pay off!

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      I wont be working much this week as I’ll be in toronto for part of it, but I have to implement fulltext searching at my job.

      I’m also progressing in my haskell servant app, currently reading about authentication.

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      Currently in one of two intensely-busy stretches for my business so I don’t expect for personal projects this week.

      At work, one project interests me greatly and I want to execute it well: rudimentary back-end A/B testing. So much of A/B testing is focused on design, body copy and the like. Often rightfully so. But we want to test server-side logic such as the timeline on which notifications are generated or details of a query which produces data for a users' dashboard.

      From a cursory investigation, A/B testing tools offer some integration, API call, or other facility for this. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with such tools, or who has built their own in the past!

      Edit: I forgot there is one non-work item on my schedule: the local Elixir meetup is this week.

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      Absorbing all the possible knowledge I can from the brain of a guy who’s leaving, all the while guiding our newest team members singlehandedly, for my only remaining teammate is gone on a conference that was already paid for, and which the leaving teammate was supposed to attend.

      Also doing some class on EDX on stats, and trying to nag my boss into paying for an online MIT class that is about data science.

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      Just got back from vacation, trying to remember how to computer again; also, dropping several VPSes and setting them up to run on my SmartOS server instead. I was trying to learn chef to do this, but that was taking a while and not moving as fast as I wanted, so I went back to Salt (it’s what I have the most experience with). This weekend I also started learning how to tear down and work on some electric guitars; it’s been a lot of fun combining electronics and music.

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      I recently moved across the country (from West Virginia back to southern California, where I grew up), and am slowly getting myself settled in my new place. I’ve unpacked most of the boxes, and now it’s about wrangling the mess and getting everything into an organized state.

      Once things have settled a bit, I definitely plan on getting back into the swing of contributing to Rust. There are new FAQ answers to add (and existing answers to polish), and I really want to put more time into getting Ruse into a basic usable state.

      I’ll also be speaking at Rust Belt Rust later this month, and need to finish putting everything together for my talk.

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      This week, on my free time, I will continue to polish Hawkpost, a little project that enables you to receive encrypted content on your email from people that doesn’t know how to use GPG. Probably will move it to a beta version in the next few days.

      Later on the week I will attend pixels.camp, an event that in its previous editions (At the time called Codebits) was really cool.

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        Later on the week I will attend pixels.camp, an event that in its previous editions (At the time called Codebits) was really cool.

        That sounds amazingly fun! I’m not usually one for programming contests, but there are actually real talks, on a variety of topics, for 2.5 days, non-stop.

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          Yes you don’t need to participate on the programming contest, there are talks and lots of stuff going on to keep you entertained for the whole time. You end up learning a lot and knowing lots of people that do cool stuff.

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      Made UI changes and some fixes to Fire★ (code) and released Ubuntu and Mac binaries. This week I will release Windows binaries and do some testing.

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      Starting on editing book one, thanks to feedback from some very lovely author friends, getting back into D&D, and working on the website for my wedding next year, which in turning into a platform as everything in the online part of the wedding industry sucks.