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    Very nice. Too bad it’s JSX-focused (and leaving out a lot of non-JSX frameworks).

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      Actually all the JSX is 100% optional and there isn’t any in the core packages. The equivalent of React.createElement in Live was designed to be ergonomic.

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        Ah, that’s great then! I didn’t dig deep into the docs and all the example code I’ve managed to get looked like jsx.

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      This is awesome!

      I tried something similar and much simpler for webgl2 but lost interest at some point after a couple of not so good design decisions.

      Use.Gpu is inspiring work, jumping into it right away!

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        Where do I learn creating such nice GPU (fluid) sims ? Can’t say why but it always feels like you just have to know.

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            Thanks! Maybe it’s time to finally read a book again ;)