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    There is a real willingness in many parts of the computing world to ignore history, and pretend that it either doesn’t matter or that we shouldn’t care about it. It is so nice to see something like this not only being talked about, but to hear it’s being actively restored to working order. I don’t know what the owner’s plans will be after the restoration is done (it sounds like there are a lot of steps to go through before that happens), but it would be really exciting to get a rundown of how the machine functions, and see if it can be used as a learning resource for interested people.

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      Kremlin’s been updating his blog with posts about his Symbolics, I think we’ll just need to stay tuned!

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      Interesting article, but the font makes it practically unreadable.

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        I thought the overall visual of the website was really jarring as well, but Firefox’s reading mode really helps in such situations.

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          Yeah, it’s very stylish but also incredibly low-contrast. Chrome unfortunately has no such mode, but this is interesting enough that maybe I’ll use the developer console to make it legible if I have time… :(