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      So I wasn’t sure whether or not to say I’m the author here. I’m not the author, but I am running the instance of writefreely on OpenBSD. I’m hoping to build this into a federated space for others interested in reading and writing medium-high quality content, particularly around the BSD community.

      I’ll have an open beta from April, but if anyone’s interested in writing content here, drop me a line for an invite. It’s totally open, all your data is yours, you can read content without javascript and there’s no visitor tracking beyond post view counts accessible only by a post’s individual author.

      It’d be really nice to get some people interested in writing about lesser known operating system experiences, Open/NetBSD use, less common FreeBSD use and so on.

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        “So I wasn’t sure whether or not to say I’m the author here. I’m not the author”

        You’re the author if you wrote the content, built the tools, etc. That’s probably the original intent. It’s also the usage in almost all situations I see “authored by.”

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          Yeah it was h3artbl33d that wrote the piece, hit publish, I just gave him an account. It’s the submit tick box I’m unsure about. I don’t want to claim authorship, but certainly there’s a connection and I’m not sure the best way to make that clear.

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            Maybe you/chargen.one can be seen as a publisher, comparable to the publisher of a journal.

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      Appears to be missing a gem install bundler step between installing ruby and running bundle install. Otherwise looks like a sensible setup.