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    I know they say it’s for experimentation and research only, but this should probably be called out loudly and explicitly:

    We’re currently still in the process on making the ARM® CryptoCell-310 embedded in the Nordic nRF52840 chip work to get hardware-accelerated cryptography. In the meantime we implemented the required cryptography algorithms (ECDSA, ECC secp256r1, HMAC-SHA256 and AES256) in Rust as a placeholder. Those implementations are research-quality code and haven’t been reviewed. They don’t provide constant-time guarantees and are not designed to be resistant against side-channel attacks.

    preferably before the part where they say “our hope is that it will be used by researchers, security key manufacturers, and enthusiasts to help develop innovative features and accelerate security key adoption.”

    That said, I’m excited about this and very tempted to try flashing it to my PineTime kit with that insecure software crypto implementation just to see how it does over pinetime’s bluetooth.

    Even beyond the stated purpose, Tock looks really interesting.

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      There are big dev board versions of that dongle available.