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    Why do people continually recreate the Smalltalk editor style of itty bitty little non-searchable panes at the top of the editor window, where they have the least possible vertical space?

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      Because they’re directly inspired by smalltalk and smalltalk predates the availability of big cheap screens on which to put all that stuff? :)

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        More to the point, the Alto display was portrait, so horizontal space was scarcer than vertical.

        I used ST80 on a Dolphin (basically a Xerox Star) which had a landscape 19”display. I don’t remember the panes being annoying, though. The lists were usually short except the big class list.

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          But…. it’s not a good design anymore. :(

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          I don’t know why people still do it. At the time it was not typical to move around a lot in a single browser window. Searching was done outside the browser to find the thing you want to open a browser on. Then you’d work in the browser on that thing. Often you’d have multiple browser open at a time and switch between them.

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          When I was going through my Forth phase (as if it ever ended) I was really interested in trying Holonforth, but I could never find a download link.