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    Hi I would really recommend you using Varnish.

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      Switching to nginx, or at least putting nginx in front of apache, would be a better first step.

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        I was going to suggest nginx too. I know that it has built in caching capabilities that would help some since it seems to be mostly static content.

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          Actually yes. He can use it just like Varnish with micro cache. And manage SSL at the same time.

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          Hey, thanks for the feedback @garron. I will have a look at that.

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          I’ve always found https://www.lighttpd.net/ very impressive in lower resource configurations.

          That being said, was the root cause of the 503 errors determined?
          Was the server showing CPU or memory pressure at the OS layer? or was it configuration, not hardware limiting the concurrent requests?

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            That’s interesting. I hadn’t dug into that one at all. Someone else recommended litespeed, so I’ll have to do some more research.

            I looks at my server graphs and the RAM and CPU were ramping, but I don’t believe there was strict downtime. Here’s some server graphs from Digitalocean: https://imgur.com/rRXnBC7 It was 8/18 I think.

            It looks like I could’ve run out of memory (there’s an increase to 75%, then a steep drop). If another web server software can handle requests more efficiently, though, I might not need to bump the hardware any higher.