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    amb is also known as the “angelic operator”.

    So, I know a lot about computer science and very, very little about physics, so bear with me here.

    The point of the amb operator is “not just to return something ‘random’ but to return a value that would lead the entire function to succeed.”

    I’ve often wondered if something like the angelic operator is at work with quantum spooky-action-at-a-distance and such. Wavefunctions don’t collapse because an observer looked, they collapse to whatever state is necessary for the observed macro effect to have happened.

    In other words, whatever machine is running the Universe looks at what happened at the macro level (Wigner saw a particle of spin +1), so the machine makes it such that the whole “calculation” ends up with the right values everywhere.

    Again, I know basically nothing about physics, so someone tell me how I’m wrong.

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      That reminds me of quantum darwinism and similar theories.

      It may not be wrong, but there’s currently no proof it’s right.

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      TIL. Very cool way to solve the N-Queens problem!