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Whenever I ssh into a foreign machine, I realize just how much I’m dependent on my configuration files:

  • I’ve modified tmux to have more screen-like keybindings;
  • I’ve created a number of aliases, path modifications, custom prompts, etc. in my .bashrc;
  • My Emacs' init.el is a solid 400 lines of code
  • My .gitconfig contains, of course, my name and email, which makes for embarrassing commits if I don’t have them; I also have a few options for diffing, and some useful aliases such as git co and git st;
  • I use vim for quick edits, and my .vimrc is 13 lines; this is the only program in this list that I can use for a long period of time even without my configuration.

Among the tools you use daily, are there any for which you don’t have a configuration file and can use comfortably?


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    vim, bash, git.

    I know that whatever system I’m on will have an somewhat inconvenient setup, but across systems it will be equally inconvenient. I’m always concerned that overcustomizing tools will lead to me being at a disadvantage when I’m away from my special snowflake setup.

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        i3 is a tiling window manager that understands the virtue of sane defaults. The only reason I’d seek to change mine would be aesthetic, and that’s completely optional.