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    Particularly impressive is that the Firefox compile now only falls back to MSVC for 11 files: https://twitter.com/ehsanakhgari/status/485916137944002561. If you’re interested in following LLVM progress, do subscribe to my LLVM Weekly newsletter and/or twitter feed.

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      As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m really looking forward to being able to link without using Microsoft’s linker. We have some big issues to sort out in Open Dylan on Windows, and most of them revolve around linking and debug info. We still are largely stuck with VC6 for now, so we’re highly motivated to change to something better.

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      I wonder if they will be able to eventually add support for debug info.

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        Well, if you follow the link through to http://clang.llvm.org/docs/MSVCCompatibility.html, you’ll see:

        Debug info: Minimal. Clang emits CodeView line tables into the object file,
        similar to what MSVC emits when given the /Z7 flag. Microsoft’s link.exe
        will read this information and use it to create a PDB, enabling stack traces
        in all modern Windows debuggers. Clang does not emit any type info or
        description of variable layout.

        I’m not sure which version of CodeView they emit, but it seems like they’re at least getting a very basic start.