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    Bro project is a network security monitor: https://www.bro.org

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      And here’s a mailing list message linking the project with the GDoc: http://mailman.icsi.berkeley.edu/pipermail/bro/2017-October/012542.html

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      It would be interesting to see if the developer base becomes more diverse.

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        Hypothesis: no one with a positive expected contribution cares if something is named “bro”.

        Other hypothesis: some people with a positive expected contribution are put off by pointless time-sink PC publicity efforts.

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          I don’t really care, but I’ve read 1984 and didn’t get the reference… so it’s sort of a bad/ineffective name?

          “BigBro” would clarify for me.

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            Oh. Yeah, same. I was wondering how the hell is “Bro” “Orwellian”. I know the phrase “Big Brother” and yet “Bro” just flew over my head completely.

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            Are those hypotheses based on anything other than you personally not caring?

            Personally I’d be far more likely to 1) pay attention to something not called “BroWhatever” and 2) want to be involved with a project that understands that language is important & cares about inclusion.

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              I have a strong anti-bro personal leaning. I would feel sort of grossed out working with a group that I thought may be a bunch of folks that fall under that blanket category. Symbolic pollution is a real thing. Would you want to tell your friends and family that you worked for this awesome company named ButtHole? (I would actually sort of count this example as a perk if the gig was right, and my family would understand and be similarly amused, but you get the point, some symbols are not appealing to everyone)

              Symbols matter. Our brains work by associations. It’s nice to have positive associations with things you invest in. I just renamed a database from rsdb to sled because I don’t want to compete with the racial slur database on google. Sled feels fast and fun to ride on top of (to me).

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                Would you want to work on a product called BackOrifice?

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                  good times :)

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                “PC” is criticized as a movement to remove all those who don’t think alike– but isn’t your second hypothesis exactly that?

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                  I think there’s a big difference between the stated goals of PC (which nominally contain inclusivity) and the actual effects of PC.

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                  I’m pretty strongly anti PC publicity efforts but I have it admit the name bro rubs me the wrong way. It sounds dumb.

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                In a perfect world, there’d be a rationale for founding a somehow-related Sis project, and in the spirit of backronyming software project names, come up with clever initialisms for each of these projects.

                Bonus points for also founding a related Cis project, for added, cheeky pun cred. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more)