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    I couldn’t help myself. I’ve made an update to the post that suggests a rudimentary, and not very robust (like this whole thing, really), request parsing strategy as well, here.

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      I think you should make more out of that and build it into a product, couch-db/couch-app style! It’s a model for the future!

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        Would that make it a SQL Server?

        Might be trademark issues…hmmm. How about, since it can see the future, maybe, Oracle Server?

        Or! It’s my own thing. Can maybe call it MySQL? I don’t know. I am not very good at marketing ideas like this.

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      (Back in my day, we typed out HTML for every response LIVE while the client was waiting on the other end–Ed)

      This reminds me of a news story I saw about someone being prosecuted for fraud for running a ‘medical AI’ to transcribe prescriptions for doctors. It turned that it was actually just a guy that quickly typed out the prescriptions as they came in.


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        When I worked in e-commerce we joked about this. Before e-commerce, you’d have phone orders and mail order catalogs. If the company was out of stock, you might ask the operator about other options. Effectively, they are rendering some database result back through voice. But, they were really good at that! Surely we could provide a live interface for an operator to see incoming requests, assemble some results and ship it back. And since dialup was still prevalent at the time (mid 2000s, when ADSL and broadband was gaining adopt, but not saturation), we figured the delay wouldn’t be extremely bad. Kind of wish we did this as an April fools joke or something.