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I enjoy riding my bicycling, traveling, and hiking. What do you find yourself doing when you aren’t glued to work or other responsibilities?

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      Civ. I can stop any time I want. scratches unexplained sores

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        I am both eagerly anticipating and utterly terrified of the day when Civ 6 comes out.

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      History, lifting, shooting, black metal, hugging my dogs. Lately…Overwatch. D.Va is Queen of all.

      Just finished watching the Game of Thrones season finale, applied a type inference hack someone from Slack suggested so that I could do this in Haskell with good type inference:

      Prelude> 1 year
      Prelude> 1.5 years

      I’m still trying to wrap up the damn book.

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        I just love Overwatch, though I’m really bad at it. I suggest we make Lobsters Overwatch team. :P

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          I’m down, even if it’s just for rando pubbing. Contact details in my post later on in the thread.

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          Count me in!

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        Zenyatta is my jam,

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        I’m guessing this hack is not that difficult to do. Where to read more about it?

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          It’s not hard, but the trick for making it work with good inference was a little obscure.


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        Are there bands you would recommend?

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            Good stuff, +1 for mentioning Mgła, definately will check out the rest. I would also mention Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Immortal, Varathron, Satyricon, Marduk from bigger names, or Dødsengel, Taake, Ljå, Drudkh, Lurker of Chalice, Funeral Mist, Nattefrost, Arx Atrata, from smaller ones (kvlt-ness is mixed-up). Also check out the side project of Gorgoroth’s Ghaal – Wardruna, for me it was a revelation :) Black metal ist krieg!

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              From the ones you mentioned, I would particularly highlight Gorgoroth and Drudkh. Their omission was a mistake.

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            Thanks! From Mgła onwards everything sounds really good. It’ll take some time to dig in but the obvious standouts for me are The Great Old Ones and Harakiri for the Sky. Spectral Lore is also very interesting.

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      Learning and reading about new technology and futurism. Reading science fiction and non-fiction. Hiking. Guitar and other music. Figuring how to increase my value as a human.

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        Read any good sci-fi novels recently?

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          Not the OP but wanted to mention Seveneves - I really enjoyed it.

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            Added to my “to-read” pile.Thanks.

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            Yes!!! I just finished this - I liked it a lot but not as much as Snow Crash, still a fantastic novel.

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            I started this a week ago! Really enjoying it :)

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            Ian M. Banks Consider Phlebas and even better The Player of Games. Both part of the Culture series. This is the ONLY science fiction future society that leaves me saying “Sign me up! I’m there!” :)

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          The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect
          The Martian

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            +1 for The Martian

          2. 2

            +1 for The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

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          Diaspora by Greg Egan always tops my list.

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          Just finished Cat’s Cradle (not obscure but a classic), and now starting on the Foundation trilogy (finally). As stated below, Neil Stephenson’s Seveneves was a veritable page-turner. Also anything by William Gibson.

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            Reading up on Stanislaw Lem. Foundation was awesome, but Lem… Summa Technologiae should be taught in schools!

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              I tried reading Lem’s Futurological Congress book, but it was just too silly. On the other hand, the Cyberiad somehow hits a sweet spot, it’s one of my favorite books - I made my dad read it to me a lot of times when I was little, and I still really enjoy it.

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      Training for a 100 km/24 hours hike and started running barefoot a couple of months ago :)

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        I’ve always been curious about barefoot running, but I have shitty knees so the idea of giving my feet even less support seems questionable :)

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          The natural spring of your bare feet + achilles tendon is much better at absorbing impact and protecting joints than a few cm of foam. I wouldn’t rule it out!

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        Dope! How’s the barefoot going?

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          I was too optimistic, of course :-)

          But it seems to be getting better, on Sunday I ran 18 km barefoot @ the old Berlin airport Tempelhof. My feet get more used to rough surfaces and are no longer the main problem when running, I can run over most surfaces now without problems, running on the pavement/tarmac is my favorite. The main issue are my calf muscles, they require some serious massage after running those distances, but other than that no pains. I guess it will get better over time…

          See also http://www.barefootrunning.fas.harvard.edu/5BarefootRunning&TrainingTips.html.

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            Sounds painful to run barefoot.

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              We (humanity) did it for a gazillion years, we evolved to run barefoot. So yeah, after being “forced” for >30 years to walk in shoes it hurts a little to get used to it, but a lot less then you’d think. It still surprises me how nice it to run on the pavement. I am now at a point where it hurts unbearably to wear some of my shoes, especially the “hiking” kind that forces your feet in a certain position…

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            That’s cool. Calf muscles are always an issue starting out because most people’s calf muscles are constantly artificially shortened by shoes with a heel raise. My feet tend to be the limiting factor for me, I can generally handle up to 3 miles (5 km) barefoot but I never did it consistently enough to do longer runs totally barefoot. I think temperature has a lot to do with it: too hot and blisters become an issue, too cold and your feet get numb. I agree smooth hard surfaces are the best, like a smooth concrete is ideal IMO. I bet running on a tarmac would be great! Good luck to you.

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      Read sci-fi, walk, pub, OpenBSD, retro computers.

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        Making my transition from Debian to BSD for my personal machine. You win an internet point from me.

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        Yay retro-computers? Which flavor? I’m an old Atari 8 bit -> Amiga guy.

        Still use both pretty regularly in emulation. There’s just no modern replacement for some of the games on the Amiga. Lemmings for example is timeless :)

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            Wow, very cool! You own an SGI Octane? Those things have got to be one of the coolest mechanical designs ever.

            Kinda surprised you don’t run IRIX on it just for the swoopy interface :)

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              I do have an IRIX disk somewhere. Machine weighs a ton.

          2. 2

            Nice :) I used to be a big collector of RISC Unix workstations (mostly Sun/DEC/SGI), but real life has gotten in the way so all of my machines are currently sitting powered off in my garage. TBH, I doubt I’ll get back to them anytime soon, so they may find their way to the recycler at some point (trying to find interested folks to take them off my hands is nigh impossible these days) :(

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              Oh yeah? Where are you based?

              1. 1

                :) Godalming, Surrey. Drop me a PM if you’re interested and I can take a look and see what I have…

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      What is this “spare time”?

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      Currently four categories of free-time activities:

      • A relaxing combination of running and meditating (run 4 mi, meditate 30 min, run 4 mi).
      • Damaging my right arm by playing Stepmania one-handed.
      • Slowly reconnecting with friends whom I have lost touch with (more effort than I expected).
      • Leisure reading (half an excuse to slowly sip wine while I do so).

      I also cook 2 meals a day and double-dip my time by listening to podcasts. I see others mention podcasts so I suppose that counts as well?

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        Interesting run-meditate-run, how did you come up with that? Do you meditate outside at the halfway point, then resume running?

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          I do meditate outside.

          I used to run 20 miles per week for a few years (about 7 mi, 3 days per week). Then I had a rough year where I got injured, stressed and fell out of running entirely, which was a vicious cycle adding to stress, because running relaxes me.

          As I got back into running over the last 4-5 months, my endurance was down quite a bit. While building my distance back up, I started resting at an approximate halfway point on my route, conveniently under an outdoor art instillation. One day I took the time to just meditate for a whole half hour before the other half of my jog and it felt great! So I kept doing it.

          The second half of my run feels very different from the first half. I won’t speculate too wildly, but I’m sure that thirty minutes of focusing deeply on my oxygen intake is related in some way.

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      I started lifting weights a few years ago because I was pretty fat from sitting at my desk all day, and decided I wanted to get into shape.

      It’s been a few years now, and I’m sort of addicted to the feeling of becoming bigger and stronger. I started learning about bodybuilding, nutrition, etc., and now do it as a part-time hobby!

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      I play Android: Netrunner. It’s a fun universe to immerse yourself in, and the different/emerging mechanics and play styles really appeal to me.

      When I’m not playing Netrunner, I work on a Chrome extension for an online Netrunner implementation. It’s fun to use new ES6 syntax without worrying about polyfills and transpilers. I also murder the guitar, mostly in the form of failing to be good at Rocksmith.

      1. 2

        That sounds pretty fun. Might look into getting the core set. Or maybe my friend (who is a board game fanatic) already has it.

      2. 2

        Android: Netrunner is such an excellent game. Do you work on an extension for jinteki.net? I have played there in the past and had a lot of fun. IIRC it was a Clojure/Clojurescript app.

        1. 1

          yes - Jankteki, I mostly took it up as an extension because the new stack was a little bit too much for me to do what I wanted. I think it now serves as a nice little sketchpad for future potential features.

      3. 2

        Ooh! Jankteki right? Thanks for your work :)

        I’m an intermittent player, I’ve been noodling with jinteki.net because I can’t get RL games much. Sometimes a bit hard to find matchups. Looks like there’s a few players here, perhaps we should share details for a game sometime?

        1. 1

          that’s the one, I’m always up for a game - @si on jinteki.

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      Running (with the dog), OpenBSD, Gaming (I run a Quake 3 server on OpenBSD, planning one for Q2 and Q1).

      1. 2

        If you want to PM me I’ll frag with you.

        1. 2

          All lobste.rs are welcome :) The server is running vanilla Quake 3 with map rotation FFA (due to the small amount of players we get). Server stats are here and you can play by just entering tintagel.pl as the server name in the menu on games/ioquake3 client :)

          1. 1

            Hmm…doesn’t seem to work.

            Nor does the console

            /connect tintagel.pl

            Do I have the wrong port maybe?

            1. 1

              The default port for Quake 3 Arena is UDP 27960. I just checked and connected without issues. Perhaps your router/firewall blocks the UDP traffic?

              1. 1

                Yay it works!

                PM me a time to play. :)

      2. 2

        Making my transition from Debian to BSD for my personal machine. You also win an internet point from me.

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      I like having walks in the woods, relaxes quite a bit, like traveling too. I also love learning new programming languages and contributing to some open-source projects.

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      I take long walks with a podcast on (mostly Tim Ferris' show). Helps me calm down.

      I keep learning new languages, and also try to write data science libraries from scratch (Helps me get better at that language and myself get better at stats and data science). Currently learning Go.

      [Apart from that, I watch atleast an episode of any TV series(currently TBBT). Also helps me calm down and shift focus.]

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      I started 2 months ago hosting for couchsurfing and it’s been a very rewarding experience, forcing me to be more outdoorsy (biking, swimming, bars, karaoke,..).

      Also I have a huge stack of side projects I come back from time to time while contributing to other open-source projects.

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      A few months ago I moved to Turkey in order to learn and become fluent in Turkish. When I’m not working I’m reading a book or watching a movie or struggling to express myself at a bar. It’s an incredibly cool language with a grammar rigid enough that it feels like programming. I’m slowly working on a blog post describing some of it’s coolest features.

      1. 2

        Looking forward to this blog post! I’m learning Turkish via Duolingo.

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      I’d like to be doing more tech stuff, but it all seems kinda gross. I think I’m a bit burnt out on it.

      Gym is always there, though my age (34) is definitely messing with my ability to lose weight. I will have to adjust diet quite a bit more than what I’m used to.

      Speaking of, I’ve been having fun learning how to grill, and make healthy meals easily. Scratches the DIY and provider itch for me, and is a good fit for summer weather. Got a Blue Bottle coffee bean subscription, and continuing the coffee geekery.

      Reading: working on The Four Loves by CS Lewis. Will hit up Brave New World next.

      Games: playing through FF9 with the wife. Multiplayer I split time between Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. HotS is my first MOBA, so I’m working on the ladder grind (I was pleased to be placed in Silver in season 1). Overwatch is my game for screwing around, but it’s well-made for that.

      Feel free to add me on bnet for games (I’m EST): antareus#1419

      I usually get 20-30 minutes of bad guitar in a day, but, man, it really takes a lifetime to get good at it.

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      Knitting. Math. Swimming. Roller skating. Movies.

      Do we have any other knitters here? I’m sure there must be at least a few.

      I’ve been wanting to join an amateur water polo team. I’ve only played a few times in my life, but it’s been really fun each time.

      1. 1

        Where do you skate?

        1. 1

          Streets of Montréal. I use it mostly as a transportation device instead of bikes.

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      Social media.

      Uhhhh, and quiet contemplation of how lucky I am to be alive. With some emotional processing. And other forms of restful care for my mental health. But not actual meditation, which would be too intense.

      Also cycling and video games, I guess, but they aren’t most of where the time goes. :)

    18. 3

      Most of my free time these days goes to practicing judo, playing baseball, going to live music shows, playing Overwatch, lifting, meditation, and listening to audiobooks. When I’m feeling particularly motivated I read programming books and poke around in languages that I don’t yet use at work.

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      I play lots of ultimate frisbee; I just got back from my first master’s tournament where I learned that I have much to improve upon in my game.

      1. 1

        Veteran ultimate player here. I played hard from 1997 to 2009. Moved away from the team I was most recently playing with, then I threw out my back and got out of shape. If there is one thing I’d love to do again, its get back on the field.

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      Retro (80s) computer programming and hardware hacking, working on my 2 programming languages, making games and mountain walks.

    21. 3

      I practice procrastinating…

    22. 3

      Eating, sleeping, and trolling my liberal friends on Facebook

      1. 1

        We’re so easy to troll! (I’m a recovering social media liberal - still pretty liberal at heart but not sure the democratic party represents me these days.)

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      passive downtime i spend listening to music, reading, playing games or watching anime. active: trekking in mountains, or kayaking

    24. 2

      Actual spare time is in short supply since we just moved cross-country with two toddlers. However, when I have it, I spend the time writing and revising my novels.

      I also get a bit of time taking the children on stroller rides where I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Again, mostly about writing, but some programming related stuff, too.

    25. 2

      Well, “spare time” is a bit of a nasty concept, as I’m working with some non-profits (mostly Ruby Berlin e.V. and rustc e.V.) on top of my work. My work time, I keep strictly below 40 hours per week. So, just to put in a boundary: I’ll talk about relaxation time.

      Indoors, I enjoy playing computer and board games. For computer games, I enjoy fast games or strategy games, the new Doom is quite to my liking, before that, Titanfall was my go-to. I love strategy games, though, I’m very biased to Relics style of gameplay (Dawn of War, Company of Heroes). I generally hate realistic scenarios, though, CoH is the only game I play with a WW-themed background. Board games I usually play what’s on the table. I have no regular group, so there’s that. I rarely watch TV series or movies in general, when I do, I go to cinema. I love movies, though :).

      For outdoors time, I love hiking and traveling, which is great, as that’s also my fathers hobby, which gives me around 2 weeks to spend with him every year. In Winter, I go snowboarding.

      For the last 1,5 years, I picked up Kyūdō as a pretty extensive hobby. I practiced archery before, but the outside simplicity of Kyūdō, combined with its complexity in detail is quite to my liking. These two sentences are probably not doing it justice, I really enjoy it and try to practice as often as possible.

    26. 2

      Reading, archery, hanging out with my son, trying to get back into martial arts after nearly two decades…

    27. 2

      Regularly: lifting, swimming, math, hanging out with friends & family, walking, chess, travel.

      Occasionally: surfing, music, French, (watching) cricket/rugby.

      1. 2

        Doing “math” in your spare time is a really foreign thing for me, probably because I disliked math in school (I enjoy it now, even though I’m still not very good).

        When you do math in your spare time, what exactly do you do?

        1. 4

          I grab a book off my shelf, open it to some random page, start reading it.

          Sometimes I grab it off my night stand in the morning to pick up where I left last night.

          Sometimes I’m more dedicated and actually find a good spot and set of time, I grab pen and paper, a book, and work out in detail through a complicated argument. That’s how I’ve been working through Edwards' excellent book on the Riemann zeta function.

          Sometimes I feel like I want to implement some algorithm I read about, so I go to Emacs and start typing something in Maxima, Python, Octave, C++ or D. But then I end up fighting with languages instead of doing mathematics, and this makes me sad.

          I sympathise a lot with Bertrand Russell when he said that the saddest times of his life are whenever he didn’t do any mathematics. Er, I think it was him who said that.

        2. 1

          Grab a pen, notebook, and book or paper. Leave the computer at home. Sit somewhere nice (usually a café); learn new concepts, refine old ones, do exercises, etc.

    28. 2

      Read books! Finished following books recently: Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy (re-read), The Wuthering Heights and The Martian.

    29. 2

      Overwatch and node stuff.

    30. 2

      Catching up with my reading list after spending way too much time with EU IV and Factorio. Currently reading a book about Szymborska. When it’s nice outside I grab my running shoes and head to a park nearby. There I coach two friends of mine who decided to finish a half marathon this year. On rainy days we give up being sporty and play go instead.

      1. 1

        I never got into Europa Universalis, but I really like Victoria 2. It’s a very rewarding game, and allows for developing inwards over conquest.

    31. 2

      Playing with our kid, cycling (preferably not in flat places), hiking, geocaching, music, watching TV series (currently Narcos).

    32. 2

      Mostly learning and playing chess, and the occasional hacking session

    33. 2
      • Outdoor activities: shooting, skiing, mountain biking, disc golf
      • Indoor activities: reading, flight simulators, chess
    34. 2

      Low level programming, writing slam poetry, basketball and livestreaming

    35. 2

      Reading (sci fi, fantasy, tech, history), skiing (alpine), video games (rpg, strategy), cooking (mostly bbq)

    36. 2

      Reading, running, UT2004/AoE2/Agario, hacking or software dev.

    37. 2
      • Adding to my book collection (Play Bigger and Business at the Speed of Thought by Gates are my most recent)
      • I spend a lot of time writing code that never sees the light of day (and content too I suppose). Usually the code is something I’m weak at or curious about. When writing, I scaffold a lot of the content into TOCs and poke around in the empty space between chapters.
      • Olympic lifting and playing volleyball
      • Rocket League
    38. 2

      Backcountry skiing, hiking, rock climbing, running - as much as I can to stay active, since my 9-5 is just sitting at a screen typing. I also work remote specifically in order to be able to live by the mountains (Salt Lake City) so I can enjoy these things nearly whenever I want. It’s a big quality of life boost!

    39. 2

      I play the guitar, read books, and play with my one-yr old kiddo.

    40. 2

      By volume, I mostly play video games (these days that means lots and lots of XCOM 2; fast approaching 200 hours).

      By energy expended, definitely Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I try to maintain a schedule of 3 classes a week so that I make noticeable improvement (good for my morale), but often I only make two.

      In the time between XCOM campaigns and BJJ I work on miscellaneous programming projects (most recently a tiling WM) and read. I’ve been finishing up Tufte’s Envisioning Information and will probably switch over to the SFF short story anthologies I’ve got loaded onto my Kindle after that.

    41. 2

      I love biking, hiking, and I just started learning to surf. Lately I’ve been trying to be as active and athletic as possible since I haven’t been the past ~2 years. I also try to do a lot of reading in philosophy, history, and whatever fiction genre I’m in the mood for that week.

    42. [Comment removed by author]

    43. 2

      I compete in powerlifting and strongman. Just had a strongman competition yesterday where I got to pull a truck, carry stones and fire hydrants, and generally have fun in a field. I find it very satisfying to contrast the very mental world of software development with the very physical world of strength training.

    44. 2

      Lots of things :) I love spending time with my beautiful wife, hanging out with my brothers at lodge (I’m a Freemason), co-host a podcast ( http://www.pythonpodcast.com/ ), and read everything I can get my hands on. Lately I’ve been reading Ian M. Banks “Culture” series and Siletto Daniel O'Malley’s sequel to Rook which is one of my favorite urban fantasies.

    45. 2

      Cycling, reading Bordiga, and lately, playing Rocket League

    46. 2

      Surf, skydive and Street Fighter 5. Not very good at any of them :) Also always planning the next travel spot.

    47. 2

      Meeting friends, cycling (also for commuting), going to techno clubs, sometimes DJing. Lobste.rsing and otherwise internetting while the cat sleeps on my lap. Not programming much, but it happens. Cooking, but that’s not really spare time.

    48. 2

      Reading sci-fi, watching The Doctor, swimming, learning Haskell, playing games with good stories and/or good mechanics (TLJ, Civ:BE, Cities, Shadowrun, Deus Ex). And of course… Arkham Horror.

    49. 2

      Spending time with the ladyfriend, hiking/backpacking, improving at go, cooking, learning new math.

    50. 2

      climbing, running, experimental music. wish I had more time :|

    51. 2

      I read a lot of science fiction, fantasy, and history; work in our back yard; play board games and role-playing games; and I’m on a curling team at our local club.

    52. 2

      Bicycling, scuba diving (just got Advanced Open Water certification, so I can do some of the deeper wrecks), running, reading (mostly fiction and math papers). Fighting to save the soul of technology, obviously.

      I do a fair amount of writing.

      • Here’s the 1st chapter of an (intended) novella called “The Struggles”, which was going to be a Silicon Valley Heart of Darkness: The Struggles, #1. Unfortunately, it drew death threats and I’m not comfortable releasing the (completed) 2nd chapter.

      • Here are a couple chapters of a novel that I’d like to finish before turning 40: Farisa and the Frog, Snow Into Muck. I’ve got about 15 chapters written, but most aren’t close to being ready for release.

    53. 2

      Three kids, a house, reading, movies in the home, and video games.

    54. 2

      mostly reading and wasting time on the internet, to be honest :) but in more “active” moments i play board games (scrabble at a tournament level, everything else casually), compose cryptic crosswords, and hack on various small open source projects.

    55. 2

      I work in my spare time.

    56. 2

      Woodworking (currently a litter box enclosure), playing with my daughter, VainGlory, Dota 2

    57. 2
    58. 2

      Watch documentaries, YouTube, and hang out with friends. I don’t consider walking or exercise part of spare time.

    59. 2

      Skiing, hiking, trail running, bicycle riding/racing, photography, reading.

      I also code up little side projects. Usually related to stuff I’m reading or a topic I’m interested in learning (image processing, Fourier analysis, audio manipulation) or a language or library I’m learning.

    60. 2

      I surf (badly – surfing since last August, but took 4 months off, and don’t get out too often) whenever the waves and time permit. I goof board more often, because, well, that’s just in my living room. Spend a lot of time reading books to my kids and letting them climb on me.

      Would like to:

      1. Surf a lot more
      2. Start bouldering (my 5 yr old loves to climb)
      3. Swim and Cycle more
      4. Start reading instead of sitting down to watch TV.
      5. Spend more time on side projects

      No idea when I would have time to sleep, though, if I did all these things!

    61. 2

      Currently my spare time seems to revolve around BMX coaching and racing - my teenage daughter is threatening to come out of BMX retirement after a big crash at the World Champions last year, my teenage son is busy training for the European Championships over the weekend of 8-10 July, my youngest daughter keeps finding BMX too scary to race :~/ and I’m hoping to be fit enough to enjoy racing Cruiser (24" BMX) and 20" BMX at the end of August - although not to my children’s standard :~) It’s a fantastic family sport - and what you can achieve in the sport will be demonstrated by the riders at the Olympics in Rio.

    62. 2

      Biking, reading, playing basketball, hobby programming projects, and a small but steadily increasing amount of Go :)

    63. 2


    64. 2

      Trail running, climbing/scrambling, cooking, reading, and drinking.

      I had a lot more spare time before I became a parent, which has made me a lot more focused on the things I take on.

    65. 2

      I do a lot of bicycling. MTB'ing is my real passion, but I tore my rotator cuff late last year (in a MTB crash, go figure) and had surgery in January of this year, and my surgeon isn’t clearing me to start mountain biking again until the first week of July. So just a little longer… but in the mean-time, I’ve been doing a lot of road riding just to get back in shape and get some miles in.

      Outside of that, I read a lot. Currently I’m (re) reading Asimov’s Foundation series. And then there’s Netflix. Right now I’m going through House of Cards (just started Season 2).

      I’m also taking some classes on Coursera, but I don’t really think of that as a “spare” time activity.

      And last but not least, I hang out at the local hackerspace sometimes, and tinker with various stuff. I just ordered a bunch of parts for a new project I have in mind. I want to do the “retrocomputer” thing and build myself a homebrew Zilog Z80 based computer. My Z80 chips should be coming in on Wednesday!

      1. 1

        Very cool! What OS do you plan to run on it? CP/M?

        1. 1

          Probably so, yeah. It’s pretty much that or take a stab at writing my own OS. And as much as I’d like to do that, I’m not sure I have the time or the requisite knowledge. But time will tell, I suppose.

          1. 1

            Depends on where your interests lie. If I had the time and built a thing like you’re describing, I’d likely do something like implement an ethernet driver or maybe parts of a TCP/IP stack.

            1. 1

              Well, just to give some context… when I was in college in the 90’s, my dream (then) was to graduate with my C.S. degree, and land a job with IBM at the Boca Raton site, working on OS/2. :-)

              That didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, but I’ve always been fascinated with OS level stuff. It just happens my career didn’t wind up taking me in that direction. So yeah, I’d still love to take a stab at writing at least a minimal OS, it’s more a question of time than anything. And yeah, implementing ethernet and TCP/IP would be awesome as well.

              I’ve seen some homebrew Z80 projects with support for USB, SD-cards and other modern contrivances, so I am hoping I’ll be able to do some fun stuff with this over time.

    66. 2

      Technical: a bunch of open-source hobby projects, contributing to Swift. I have a bunch of ideas for electrical engineering and 3D printing related projects I want to make progress on, but have been too busy lately…

      Non-technical: drawing, learning Chinese, playing the piano, riding my bike, trying to cook (badly), science fiction worldbuilding, trying to keep my cheapo bonsai and succulents alive, faffing around on the Internet, video games…

      I would like to start weightlifting again, and to take a few classes at The Crucible (http://thecrucible.org/). Maybe we can organize a lobste.rs group, if anyone else in the Bay Area is ever interested.

    67. 2

      Finding and reading these and published papers on all aspects of networking I find interesting (at the moment, un- and semi-supervised machining learning for traffic classification and network verification)

      Riding my bicycle, but not nearly enough. A year and 1500EUR later and I’d still be better off renting one at 10EUR a day. oops!

      I have a litany of DIY projects around the house to do: debug the “after 10 minutes, the bass gets warped and crackly” on a 70s-era Lumophon receiver; dismantle, refinish, and re-glue some DDR era chairs; design a rain water capture and drip/pump/most-of-all-unattended watering system for our two balconies worth of plants.

      Meanwhile I’m still trying to figure out libvirt’s default networking and how, exactly, if at all, I can use thin-provisioning and overlayfs to make 10-100 debian VMs magically upgrade themselves from one main image. Successfully avoiding all things Linux for 15 years has really, really come to bite me in the ass.

    68. 2
      • I write essays to explore the topic of rationality and my religious faith.
      • I cook
      • I play Heroes of the Storm with friends
      • I Read a lot
      • I swim for exercise
      • Volunteer work through my church
    69. 1

      Like some other people, my definition of “spare time” is a little fuzzy. When I’m not actually working on code or papers, I try to work out 3-5 times a week and cook most of my meals my home. I’ve also been trying to be a better adult my keeping my apartment in good condition by making sure everything’s neat and tidy. I’m not sure if I’d call that spare time though, I think of it as “maintenance time”.

      Some of my recreational time I spend reading. I got back into graphic novels a few years ago when my roommate lent me Superman: Red Son. I also try to stay up to date with the New Yorker, though I rarely read the whole thing. I spend a decent chunk of time socializing, though it’s often at the same time as meals, or movies, or outdoors activities.

    70. 1

      Event organization.

    71. 1

      Trying to create my own commercial software, maintain my motorcycle, learning functional programming, sometimes Dota 2 / Overwatch, thinking about the universe, trying to figure out how consciousness works. In no particular order :)

    72. 1

      Photography, spending time with my child, blogging, watching TV.

    73. 1

      My job has become quite demanding in recent times so I try to stay far, far way from programming. So I mostly exercise, play music and hang out with friends. For exercise, road cycling, cyclo-cross, running and weightlifting keep me fit and active, while friends and music keep me sane.

      During the dark days of winter though I dabble in the occasional programming.

    74. 1

      biking, reading books, writing books, experimenting with slime mold

    75. 1

      I usually have a pet project going on. Right now I’m working on a decentralized messaging protocol in Rust. Previously it was a Gameboy Z80 emulator.

      Not being at the computer all weekend is also good. This year I’m mostly bicycling. I ride ~50-60 miles a week right now. A social ride for fun and making friends, and a training ride where I get my miles and climbing in, both at night during the week. When it’s not too hot, my gf and I usually go for a longer ride with some friends on the weekend.

      I’m usually reading a book, and there’s usually an episode or two of a TV show squeezed in on weekends.