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    (Warning: the linked pages in this comment cause a flickering display on your screen)

    Another fun thing: http://thume.ca/screentunes/

    Lobste.rs link: https://lobste.rs/s/vouc6i/some_lcd_monitors_will_emit_tones_when_appropriately_spaced_bars_are_displayed

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      Wow - lol. That sure does move that conversation forward. As the author says. I’ll just let it speak for itself. :)

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        @Irene, was this (your) comment in response to a now deleted comment?

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          No, I was under the misimpression that if I put a blurb directly under the article, it would prevent the article’s text from showing on the index page, so I put it as a comment. That was unnecessary, as it turns out.

          Honestly, it was a me-too comment, and I don’t mind it being downvoted as such. There was no real reason to say it.