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    First, a few caveats. This is not a check list, or a linear sequence. Some companies will hit all of these scenarios, and others will skip over them entirely. Some will go back and forth, growing and shrinking, sometimes hitting those states, other times not. Also, just because your company does this, it does not necessarily mean it has become a big faceless place that no longer cares about you, but you definitely should keep your eyes open as it progresses.

    So basically, the following content may or may not apply and if it does apply it may or may not mean anything. So the rest of the blog post is something we can nod our head to but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    IMO this post is fairly useless. If it was written as a “here are some things companies should look out for that I think hurt morale” I might like it but as it is now it’s just a fluff piece with a cute narrative that may or may not reflect reality and at the end is anchoring us towards negatively viewing companies that may or may not match all or some of the elements listed.

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      I can’t identify with the parking issues here in Manhattan but the office space issues she describes are very relatable at Google.