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      What a great deep-dive into replicating some of the features in Qubes OS. I used Qubes OS for a year, and loved it. It did feel sluggish at times, and video conferencing had too much latency, passing the webcam and mic through a USB qube.

      My new system doesn’t boot Qubes OS, and I’m not technical enough to build or write my own. However, the ideas in Qubes seeped into my daily workflow. I have a reasonably powerful host system with lots of RAM running Windows 10 Enterprise and VMware Workstation. I keep the host OS as minimal as possible and do all my work in several Linux and Windows VMs. The separation of projects is nice, and VMware’s rolling snapshot feature is a good safety net. I even have a disposable VM for surfing the web for research. Video conferencing in a VMware VM is not terrible. It’s probably 80% of the benefit of Qubes OS with 20% of the hassle.

      I hope to get back to running Qubes OS again one day, but for now it’s lovely to read about someone trying out something similar with KVM.