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Wire has been talking about open-sourcing their server code in 2017, but now it seems they’re actually doing it.

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    Free software-ness of various popular crypto messengers
    platform android iOS desktop cli server
    signal   yes     yes yes     no  yes
    wire     yes     yes yes     no  yes
    whatsapp no      no  no      no  no
    telegram yes     yes yes     no  no
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      What is the Wire CLI?

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        whoops… I thought that https://github.com/wireapp/coax was CLI. It is not! I have edited the table…

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        Where is the Signal server code to be found?

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        Their Rust implementation looks promising.

        I’m looking for something to replace sendmail on my server. I want stuff like cron to send me notifications encrypted.

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          Wire is very tempting, extremely tempting. But, the thought of convincing friends and family to install and make a profile on yet another messaging service is a task I and many other techies are tired of doing.

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            I’m a bit hyped up about this at the moment. If Wire keeps looking as attractive as it does currently, I’ll probably move all my family and friends I can over to it from the other networks.