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    As a long-time Nexus and vanilla Android user (and periodic CyanogenMod user), I stopped buying the Nexus line after the Nexus 4. IMO they got too big and too expensive.

    It seems like the closest thing to a supported, non-phablet phone in the spirit of the Nexus are the Moto G or E, depending on your price and feature needs. Unfortunately, even those are bundled with some (disable-able) Motorola crapware. I wish there was a good alternative.

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      Due to breakage of the USB port on my nexus 5, I’ve been using my old nexus 4 until my wireless charger arrived.

      It’s really a much better device than the 5. If it weren’t for the tendency to turn into lava I would just switch back to it wholesale. As it stands I’m probably going to still stick with it until I buy a better phone.

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        I have a Nexus 5 with a breaking USB port too, wireless charger for the win! I just ordered a second one for work.
        Also, pro tip, install an FTP server on your phone so that you can get data off it easily over wifi from your computer.

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      I’m just really not feeling that rear button on LG devices. Two of my friends have them and they can never quite find it, plus they got used to the tap-to-unlock and now they pick up other devices, like their tablets or my phone, and tap them out of habit before hitting the button.

      I do like the idea of a lock button that is positioned well for either hand though. I understand the 2015 HTC One tried another center location, the top, and that hasn’t gone over well.

      I’m still on an HTC One M7, and I’ll probably try to stretch it another year, and I have some loyalty to HTC from the WinMo days, but if they don’t have a really strong contender by then I’ll probably be looking to the next Nexus handset.

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        Def buying it if it’s about 5 inches and has a good camera.