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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Sorry for that, just excited. 👶🏼 Baby is DUE tomorrow, but based on factors it’s unlikely to happen then. We have an inducement scheduled for Wednesday though, so come hell or high water, I’ll be a father next week!!

      …..still hasn’t sunk in.

      Oh right, and I also have work stuff but who tf cares about that amirite?

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        Just had my baby a few weeks ago! Congratulations! Its a hell of a time and the world gets a lot smaller real fast.

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        Time to mold a mind! :D

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        Congratulations. Enjoy every moment of it!

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      Continuing to read The Definition of Standard ML (Revised). This book is incredibly well written and is filling in every gap about Standard ML in my head. I’ve recently also begun to practice memory palaces, like actually give them a real shot, and this book is a perfect entry into this since there are lots of lists. I have to say, when you give a chance… they work really, really damn well. I’ve memorized ~45 items in about 10 minutes and can still recite them all. The key is to go over the palaces during down times when you realize you haven’t gone through them in a bit. It’s just spaced repetition which is proven to work really well :)

      End goal is to have the Standard ML spec in my head basically and write a transpiler to JS and C I guess (which contributes to my goal of 100 year programs). The whole spec is about 40 pages!

      I got “A New Kind of Science” to begin studying cellular automata. I want to generate pretty and organic patterns for my product design. Probably won’t really touch it for awhile but opening it up I can see most pages have some nice images on them!

      House work, gotta fix my screen door - finally remembered to pick up a splice tool for this… My base boards were a success last weekend, only to learn, I got crown moulding, which is for the wall-ceiling, so looks like I’ll have nice ceiling moulding now lol.

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      Visiting a friend with the family. Dog walks, hot tub, relaxing and catching up. Probably some computing discussions in amongst, nerds hanging out can’t help it.

      Also need to find somewhere to watch the F1, as I refuse to pay for Sky just to watch that.

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      Reinstalling FreeBSD 13.1 on a new SSD and rebuilding/restoring my jails. I can’t believe how lucky I am the previous drive lasted 10 years.

      Besides that, reading about database innards, and studying in general. So much to learn, so little weekend.

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      We got the keys to our new house and now it is IKEA puzzle time

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        Congratulations! My SO and I have the code for our own new house, but it needs to pass a final inspection before we can cut the ribbon so to speak; placing our own IKEA order soon, and hoping that a pair of intentionally-crafted workspaces help invigorate our work after we settle in (the moving process certainly hasn’t!)

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      Saturday: my first day off since ages. “off” means really off, normally I am in homeoffice and caring for my parents who became increasingly brittle since Jan 2022. My brother will be here and get his share of slavedom ;) so I am free. and I will leave the house! :D

      Sunday: my aunt becomes 85 I will be a guest and a passenger that day.

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      • Working on an ongoing project to rebuild a linuxcnc controller box for a small milling machine.
      • Assembling a PiDP-11 kit I picked up ages ago but haven’t gotten around to yet.
      • Catch up and hopefully even get a little ahead on some chores at home, anticipating having events and/or travel the following three weekends.
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      I’ve been working on implementing Fortune’s Algorithm in Rust for Voronoi Diagrams. I’ve made some progress so maybe I can knock out the last few pieces.

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        If you’re just after the resultant Voronoi output, I found the Jump Flood Algorithm to be much easier to comprehend and (with a few missteps) implement.

        (Although that does give you the solid Voronoi rather than the edges which might be important to you…)

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          This definitely seems like it would be easier. I am looking for the edges though. So far the part I’m having the most trouble with is the border cases. The original algorithm doesn’t seem to cover them (I haven’t actually fully read Stephen’s paper) but it seems like border specific events could help.

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      Enjoying the end of my first week back from a 2 week leave to help my wife with our newborn son. Doing to run some errands, hopefully get some reading in, mow the lawn, bbq. You know, dad stuff.

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      If I have the energy, I am going to be working on a couple of my personal projects.

      • I really need to add Zsh completion support to my MyCmd script framework. It’s a hierarchical script launcher, for example, mycmd financial import chase-visa will run the script in ~/mycmd/financial/import/chase-visa. I need to write completion so that it can dynamically expand to the available scripts, and then their arguments, at runtime. I’ve found a blog entry that had an example that gives me enough to start figuring this out.

      • I’m also working on a tool for data entry for the data around my home peritoneal dialysis treatments. I’ve started writing a version in Python, partly because the Textual library is so compelling for making TUIs. However, I really would love to move away from using Python, so I have started playing with an implementation in Rust. I’ve got the basic data structures defined and now need to hook up Serde for persisting the data. Developing the UI looks to be a bit more complicated in Rust, so we’ll see.

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      I just had a performance with Glicol (https://github.com/chaosprint/glicol) at the C2HO (https://c2ho.no/) Opening Event. I do want to improve the syntax in many ways. But the scale of work of big refactoring requires some determination from me.

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      I’m committed to implement what is missing to make spatial-sway —my last pet project— as usable as one can expect. Ideally, I will have a nice setup to show off with two waybar… we will see.

      What is spatial-sway you may ask? well, it’s a reimplementation of a subset of Material Shell, but for Sway. :)

      I hope to bring it to a level of usability that it might be of interest for other folks. But it is already part of my daily setup and that’s my favorite pet projects: the one I can actually use for real.