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    I replaced an iconfont that I was using on my site with inlined svg logos a week or so ago. Got rid of a request, a ton of wasted bytes for icons I wasn’t using + css for it, and improved accessibility at the same time.

    SVG is great :)

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      That’s some good stuff there

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        I love these hacks that gets you all of the content for none of the weight, for writing things yourself rather than generating it. This also applies to software of course.

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          Is this actually a good idea from a security perspective? Simply searching for “SVG parser security” results in some “interesting” results… Although, to be fair, this is more something that a browser implementer should worry about, but this was my reason for not using SVG (anymore) for logos.

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            The browser support and therefore (security) bugs would exist irrespective of whether developers actually use SVG, or not. Similar issues could exist with font handling if a problem exists with that code.