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      I’m gonna mention qutebrowser which I love. It has vim-ish bindings and is a completely keyboard-driven browser. Just recently they switched the default backend to QtWebEngine which greatly increased performance and stability. https://www.qutebrowser.org/

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        Thank-you for the link to QuteBrowser.org. It’s wonderful, so far. I’m planning to try nEXT also, but need to spend a bit more time getting it to run on Solus. QuteBrowser was already in the package repository.

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      Nice. So it’s mostly for web developers or really as mentioned power users. A matter of time until we see “how do I quit nEXT” posts :) The navigation experience reminds me of Chrome’s Vimium ext. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/vimium/dbepggeogbaibhgnhhndojpepiihcmeb?hl=en

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        It has Emacs keybindings, so I think that wouldn’t be a problem. ;)