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    when uml comes up in discussions, i find i am one of the few people to have used it at all (years ago now). and i never used it at this level of detail. does anyone here still use uml? in what context? one of the authors (odell) is a “father' of uml so i guess that explains the continued interest.

    i wonder if some of the ideas about describing behaviours could usefully be applied to describing programming execution in parallel by default languages. or maybe that’s where these ideas first came from.

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      I do, though not as much as I’d like to. There seems to be a lack of adequate tooling to efficiently integrate it into any development workflow. Years ago when I was in school we used a package called Rhapsody for a software design class to experience design-driven development. It allows you to sketch out state diagrams, object models, sequence diagrams, etc, and generate code templates based off of them. IIRC it was also an IDE. It was INCREDIBLY useful for managing large projects, and the reverse engineering tools (code -> UML) made picking up any large code-base an absolute breeze. I truly miss working with it. I’ve looked around for similar packages for the BSD environment but haven’t had much success. If you know of any projects please let me know!

      Nowadays I mainly use UML when I start a new project, before I begin coding. I like to build a general idea of the programs structure and flow using state charts and class diagrams. For me, for any reasonably complex program state diagrams are an absolute must.