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    Given that the book was published about 8 years ago, it would be really interesting if you had considered whether the claims have held up.

    Glad you enjoyed the book, at least. :)

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      Thanks for the feedback! I agree - it would have been a good idea to make more of a comparison. The book makes a few different types of claims. One set of claims can be summarized as “Internet-based firms have a greater capacity for acquiring attention than previous media firms”. We can intuit that this is still the case and only getting worse, but to say more precise things would - I think - require data on changes in Internet time use which I don’t think anyone has outside of the big Internet firms.

      The more meaty claims are those regarding whether the Internet is affecting our brain. To be honest, I struggled with the parts of the book dealing with neuroscience, because I don’t have a good mental map of how the brain works. So, it would be hard for me to evaluate if that claim has held up. One of the takeaways I had from reading this book is that if I really want to pursue the subject of Internet addiction, I’ll have to take a step back and read some sort of technical, layman’s primer to neuroscience.