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    I did the survey because the article says “the remaining 63 images were equalized for a fair voting.” I had to find out if they actually put up 63 images for the user to grade.

    I counted 65, many of which should never have been a choice in the first place. At least Mozilla, when they asked the community to choose a logo, had the sense to whittle their choices down to a reasonable number.

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      I was amazed at the sheer bulk of really sub-standard images they put in here. The selection should have been pared down to maybe 20 images (that pass some basic quality filter), because as it stands I think a lot of people will not bother to complete the rankings, due solely to time constraints.

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      There were a couple recurring themes, they could of easily limited it to 3-5 of the best quality ones for each theme and added a sprinkle of the weirder ones.