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    A long time ago I recorded keypresses from my beloved Model M and submitted them for a web-based Model M simulator over at Geekhack/Deskthority. Since then those sound effects have gotten around quite a bit :)

    It’s cool to see them pop up in various projects over the years.

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      So this thing is just playing back recorded sounds?

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          Not quite simulated then.

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        Thanks for the fantastic sounds, Sirocco. Let me know how I can better give you credit for them.

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          Thank you, but that’s not really necessary. Or perhaps I could just use this post to say I consider them public domain?

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        It’s not the noise we’re interested in, it’s the tactile feed-back. The noise is just a cool novelty at first, and something that you no longer pay attention to, after a while.

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          I want to agree with you on this – mostly. The long-throw keys and tactile feedback are what I crave out of a keyboard, but the noise from the springs buckling is also incredibly pleasant, even if my brain tends to shuffle it to the background after a while. The sound is part of the whole experience.