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I am going on a long flight to China soon and I want to learn a new programming language. I hack my way through scripts in Perl that I’ve need for years now but never really learned it properly.

I also studied Fortran, PL/1, Cobol and more way back in school but now I want to have a lists of task I should master to become proficient. Is there a good list available that I can use or buy? A book perhaps? A list as an outline like the ones in front of printed ones I think would be best. Doesn’t have to be Perl specific. In fact it would be best if it were generic.

More… I bought a Macbook 12" for its long battery life on the jet; added and made sure Rakudo Star works yesterday. Now I need to learn it well and a list would help. ^_^ Thank you in advance.


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    Anything under the “for newcomers” section on this page should be a good place to start. Just use a crawler to download all the pages ahead of time for offline use.

    I’m not sure that you can reach proficiency on a single plane flight. Perhaps just try out the different features? If one seems interesting, keep playing with it.

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      Still on my todolist too, so ty both.