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    I’m one of the folks involved with that project. Essentially I run the hosting for the mailing list etc. I’ve also written a fair bit of the code, though I’m less and less involved with that as time goes by.

    I recommend reading Karl’s well-written command-line philosophy article for some background.

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      I’m late, but I wanted to say that I love Edbrowse. Just as vim-like browsing addons gave me Vim-keybinding muscle memory before I even set (Neo)Vim as my $EDITOR, Edbrowse has been teaching me line-based editing before I even started using /bin/ed.

      It’s a very different way to browse. Although it won’t replace “normal” browsers for me, I do reach for it frequently. Just as writing a “full” program can be overkill when a shell script would work, pulling up a browser automation framework like Selenium might be overkill when all you need is Edbrowse.