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    I enjoy reading gary b content, but seems like he missed the point.

    Yes, DHH used exaggeration and rhetoric in his blog – he’s known for it.

    The article is almost contrarian for the sake of being contrarian – at a high level they both agree that mocking everything to death is superfluous, and that Tests in general are good.

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      Couldn’t agree more; I stopped reading the article after first paragraph. :S The whole TDD is good/bad sideshow feels like an election year debate which only benefits the candidates engaged.

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        I don’t see why DHH should get a free pass for using crappy arguments. I think this whole post is useful but an important TLDR may be the end:

        TDD is useful and test isolation is useful, but they both involve making trade-offs. Unfortunately, doing them 100% of the time seems to be the best way to learn what those trade-offs are, and that can temporarily lead beginners toward extremism. TDD and isolation both break down in some situations, and learning to detect those situations in advance takes a lot of time. This is true of advanced techniques in any discipline, programming or otherwise. That is the honest, non-exaggerated, no-lies-involved truth.