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All there is to know about Golang Typed and Untyped Constants.


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    I enjoyed your post but the auto-adding of browser history items makes me rage inside! I had to rage quit to get back to lobsters!

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      Thx! I don’t understand what you mean, sorry :-( What should I do better?

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        There’s some javascript on the page that breaks the back button.

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          Hmm, that must have been because of Medium.com. Can you send me a screenshot so I can tell them about the problem?

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            It would just be a screenshot of your article with me, offscreen, futilely typing Alt-Left.

            And is sounds like qbit may have had a different problem where the js used history.pushState() incorrectly and there were too many items to go back through. Again, won’t be visible in a screenshot.

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              Hmm, ok, I’m telling them about this problem. I hope they’d fix it.

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                They said:

                We’re not seeing any problems with this on our side. I think in this case it would be best if you could ask the user who is experiencing problems to write in to yourfriends@medium.com where we can troubleshoot this directly with them.

                Oops :(

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                  The issue I had was basically exactly what pushcx explained. Every heading I scrolled past added an entry via history.pushState(), so every press of the back button just went up to the previous heading.

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                    If you can’t email them, I can try again. Which browser and device you were using when you had the issue? Thx for your help btw!