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Hey folks,

It’s time for our annual screenshot thread! Share an image of your desk or screenshot of your desktop and talk a little about what’s going on and why you have it set up the way you do.

Previously: 2015 (no 2016 that I can find) 2017


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    I may be one of the few people who actually uses Windows: screenshot. That said, most of my time is spent in the WSL (using wsl-terminal, the best of a ho-hum bunch of terminal emulators on Windows) and Firefox. The battlestation is a Thinkpad T25.

    My FreeBSD server is used for most other things, accessed through PuTTY. Most everything is done in Emacs, with tmux and zsh. And yes, Emacs is used entirely in a terminal (emacs -nw forever!). The font in the terminals is Iosevka.

    And if anyone is wondering, the apps on the Taskbar are: Firefox, wsl-terminal, Directory Opus (worth it!), PuTTY, PDF-XChange Editor, Snipping Tool, and Task Manager.

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      I am also a Windows user, Here’s my Desktop.

      Can’t show any coding windows, as what I work on is classified. The application menu and to-do list apps are self-written. I never use the actual start menu for anything…. one day I’ll write a complete shell replacement…

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        Have you tried sharex for screenshots? It’s the one thing I miss from the windows world.

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          Great recommendation. Thanks!

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          My new personal laptop has poor Linux support for the time being, so I am currently relegated to WSL as well.

          I’ve created a way to launch X11 applications from Windows shortcuts, and I am using Terminator and Emacs this way. If you’re looking for a better terminal emulator, I could clean up my scripts and document them. They rely on an X11 server running on Windows, and I’ve been using VcXsrv for that purpose.

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            I did this (use an X server) for a while but I found it to be laggy, notably with keyboard input. I was running urxvt in Xming (started from a shortcut) until recently. I tried wsl-terminal and found it to be acceptable. (Side note: it’s almost stunning how poor the terminal emulators on Windows are.)

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              Totally agreed. For the WSL ones at least I think the big problem is that they’re the bog standard Windows Console (a-la CMD.EXE :) underneath.

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          My very own desktop!

          About one year ago finally moved from Mac to GNU/Linux. First started with Ubuntu, and once comfortable with it decided to try Antergos (Arch-based, friendly installer). I never regretted it, love how simple and straightforward it is; and the community is super helpful. Firefox is still my loyal companion and so it is Emacs: last two crazy things I’m doing is to properly configure my email in it (gotta step up my email-only-git game some time soon) and publishing my blog. I really love my tools and Emacs is just perfect for me. So it is i3wm: I have been using it for no more than two months and it already feels super natural for me. I have delegated all of the window management I used to do in Emacs (out of convenience) to i3 and it feels really nice and “organic”.

          Also, just a clean shot to show off my wallpaper, featuring this beautiful photo I took a couple weeks ago in the Isle of Skye, in Scotland; such a beautiful place!

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            I’m a recent convert to i3 as well and I wholeheartedly agree. it’s like a breath of fresh air, and it seems super optimized for “get the hell out of my way and let me do my work” developers :)

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              Can you share your configuration? I’m curious about the WM, and the top bar configuration in particular.

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                I have been been tweaking stuff on my computer and not pushing to remote for about a month (shame), so I had to fix that before sharing. Expect some ugly code that needs refactor, hacks and most likely dragons. This is the dotfiles repo and this is the one especifically for Emacs in case you want to check it out. Feel free to message if you are interested in anything in particular, the code is lacking several explanations!

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              my desktop

              I do almost everything in Emacs at this point, IRC and Gopher being shown in the screenshot. As much as I love the Lobste.rs Gopher proxy, I don’t use it on a day-to-day basis, I just have the window up so there’s more than just ERC. I prefer to use elfeed to fetch posts from here.

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                Oh, that looks nice. I haven’t used or thought about Gopher since the mid-1990s, so I’ll check that and elfeed out – thanks! I have been using eww to read Lobsters and Ars in emacs, supplemented with Firefox as needed.

                Here’s my desktop. I’ve done a lot of desktop- and distro-hopping over the last few years – bounced around between OS X, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD – but seem to have settled on Fedora’s KDE Plasma spin. I’m a fan of i3, LXDE, and Xfce, but Plasma is very pretty and customisable. Apparently, there’s a way to enable emacs key bindings in KDE. I tend to prefer command-line and ncurses over graphical interfaces, but switch between them both. Plasma dark theme is nice, but it can be little hard to see dark icons and controls. I usually have the default Windows 10 (abstract blue logo) background on all my desktops, because it’s quite beautiful, and provides urban camouflage at work.

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                  If looking into Gopher, you might find this enlightening. Here’s a Wikipedia conversion, too. The main site I found for searching Gopherspace or finding servers was FloodGap. Since Lynx supports Gopher, just open it in terminal and type gopher://floodgap.com. You’ll get a gophersite immediately with text, menus, and so on. If you don’t have it, Lynx should be in your distro’s package manager already since it’s really popular.

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                    Very nice, this is one of the better looking KDE setups I’ve seen. Gopher’s experienced somewhat of a renaissance recently, so I’d say checking it out again is a good idea. Plenty of new gopherspaces to explore

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                    The window manager is dwm, right? I’ve been using XFCE for a while now, since usually more “advanced” window managers messed around with Emacs keys. Did you have a similar issue/could you solve it?

                    I’m getting a new SSD soon, so I might invest some time in setting up a better WM, and since Emacs is 80-90% of my workflow, being able to properly use it is crucial.

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                      Yep, dwm. I have the super key configured as dwm’s modkey, and don’t use any keybindings in Emacs that use super, so I haven’t had any personal issues with it. Can’t vouch for it as I haven’t used it, but I’ve heard that exwm is quite good if you’re concerned about Emacs keybindings being clobbered by the window manager, and ratpoison prides itself on having “a prefix map to minimize the key clobbering that cripples Emacs and other quality pieces of software.” Might be worth looking into, but again, I don’t have much experience fighting to get Emacs to play nicely with a window manager, so it would be wise to take my suggestions with a grain of salt

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                        The best thing I’ve heard for emacs users is to just use emacs as the wm.

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                    This is my Thinkpad X240 running FreeBSD 11.2. Currently the load is high because I’m building world for 11-STABLE. I do most tasks via the command line, reflected in my choice of using tmux all over the place and a tiling window manager with the lightest-footprint terminal I could find (st). Rainbowstream for twitter, rtv for reddit, pass as a password manager, neomutt for mail, irssi for irc, ranger for a file manager, rtorrent for torrents, curl’ing wttr.in for local weather forecasts. My copy of vim is using the “ultimate vimrc”. I use redshift to help with screen glare. The only graphical application I use with any sort of regularity is Firefox. SLiM is being used as my login manager, reflecting a big change in my configuration as for the last 17 years since my introduction to UNIX-like operating systems I’ve booted to a text login prompt, logged in, and started X from there manually.

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                      Two virtual desktops.

                      Despite my perennial curiosity about acme, I think the only thing I’m really into is its color scheme. There’s two kakoune windows with acme colors, and an es session with a little CLI weather app I wrote for myself. The terminal emulator is kitty.

                      The second desktop is a couple vimb windows, where I do as much browsing as I can.

                      The WM is spectrwm, which has a couple annoying bugs, but thus far the best tiling behavior I’ve found.

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                        I used to use spectrwm!

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                          Rock on, dude! It seems pretty unsupported which is a bummer. It makes me think maybe I should go back to i3. Except I don’t remember why I switched from i3 to spectrwm in the first place so I don’t know what I can check on.

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                          I moved from spectrwm to awesome partly as I was using at work, and partly as it works well on OpenBSD.

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                          My usual desktop

                          I’m on OS X, and use a tiling window manager called ChunkWM with a hotkey daemon.

                          There’s NeoVim with a variety of syntax/editing plugins on top right, a currently active PDB session on bottom right, various IRC channels and servers via Weechat on bottom left, and Mutt top left.

                          With the combination of hotkey daemon, window manager, and the variety of CLI-based tools I use, I essentially never use my trackpad/mouse. Not shown is Firefox with a vim-like set of keybindings so that I can navigate with the keyboard.

                          I’m also a huge motorsports fan, so the wallpaper usually rotates between various Formula 1 or World Endurance Championship scenes.

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                            How do you find ChunkWM? I’ve batted around the idea of installing it on my Mac at home, because I am a fan of tiling, keyboard-driven wms when forced to spend time in X; but I worry that it’d end up being a case of fighting the platform, a neither fish-nor-foul hybrid that manages to combine the worst of both worlds.

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                              It’s actually not that bad – there are a few configuration-level things that you need to setup to get things working smoothly, but once it’s going I really don’t have to touch it. I’m actually a bit lost when I need to use a computer that is not my own due to all the built-up muscle memory from the skhd hotkeys.

                              But, it does have some flaws.

                              1. When switching between single monitor & multiple monitors, sometimes windows don’t reposition themselves correctly and I have to hide all windows and then bring them to the foreground to get the chunkwm daemon to recognize them and resize them. It’s not a big deal, but it can be jarring the first time it happens to you. Also, this seems to have almost disappeared in the most recent versions of ChunkWM.
                              2. When resizing windows, you can sometimes see redraw artifacts (edit: on further thought, this might be an issue with iTerm2 - I don’t ever see redraw artifacts on non-console windows). You can even see that in my screenshot that I took (it looks like an extra letter in the self parameter in the top right window, first line). The artifacts disappear when the window in question has to redraw itself again for some reason (e.g. you typed some text), but is supremely annoying.
                              3. The default keybindings in skhd might be a tad annoying for non-English keyboards. I know when I need to type French accented characters, I have to go a circuitous route due to the use of the option key as the main skhd modifier.
                              4. Some menubar applications will need to be added to the chunkwmrc config file as a “do-not-touch”, since chunkwm tries to tile floating menubar windows that appear, and it really just goes a bit nuts. This seems to have been resolved in the most recent versions of chunkwm, but I’m still a bit wary about it.

                              Overall, though, for software that is at 0.4.x level of completeness, I’m very happy with it, and deal with the warts because the productivity it provides me is worth so much.

                              The author of the software has gone through a few iterations of building these hotkey daemons & window managers for OS X, and seems to have taken a lot of knowledge and experience from past implementations.

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                              Another tiling window manager: https://www.spectacleapp.com/.

                              1. 1

                                +1 for Spectacle

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                              Here is mine I’m running vanilla GNU Emacs (was previously on neovim for a year but vimscript is not an adecuate programming language) and I also use vis or vi when I need to edit something quick. Vis is beautiful but had to let it go because it lacks community, and interactive programming for Clojure and Common Lisp with Emacs cannot be beat (at the moment). I’ve been using VoidLinux for three years on a T410s, and I’m planning on moving permanently to OpenBSD because of its stability, cohesiveness and vision. st is the terminal emulator of my preference, because it has a clean code base, it runs fast and with minimal memory footprint. Window manager is cwm.

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                                I really like the color scheme. Could you please share it?

                                1. 2

                                  Right now, I’m at work, but promise to upload it when I get home. It’s a modified version of punpun-light for emacs. I changed some colors (for st and emacs) using the palette from inkstained-vim.

                                  1. 1

                                    Also, what’s the font? (Works really well with the color scheme)

                                    EDIT: oh, I realized it might be the Iosevka Slab that’s mentioned in the screenshot? :facepalm:

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                                      :) . It is indeed Iosevka Slab, it is a beautiful font with decent hinting (not Luculent’s level of hinting but still very good) it also has decent UTF-8 support and looks elegant in my opinion, I like semicondensed fonts that look large and tall.

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                                        I’ve tried to emulate that theme in Vim and I like the result :) https://twitter.com/janiczek/status/1057610214923472898

                                        1. 1

                                          It looks outstanding. I think I’m going to continue modifications on it (basically adding foreground colors for faces of not previously supported modes: cider-mode, company-mode), publish it on MELPA and call it ‘puninked’ because (mine version) mixes palettes with punpun from Emacs and inkstained from Vim, e-inky is also a tempting name. Now, I’m curious why it doesn’t work with sans-serif Iosevka on your machine? is it the terminal emulator?

                                          1. 1

                                            I meant the “not working” mostly as an aesthetic combination. (The terminal can show the combinations just fine.) Can’t even say why those specific combinations work well for me. Maybe e-ink -> Kindle -> serif font is the association in my brain? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                            I named the theme paper in my vimfiles :) Here it is if anybody wants to try. https://gist.github.com/Janiczek/9730ec0e1b60e59220ea0a24e2d4c09b

                                            It mostly evolves as I go and edit different filetypes with it and find something that could be better :)

                                            1. 1

                                              In regards of using serif with that particular color scheme I think you are right. In my case it feels really comfortable reading text for hours at a time with zero-fatigue, a relaxed experience.

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                                    Can I ask, is this you leaving Void or you going to OpenBSD? Which part do you think is the bigger driver in your switch?

                                    1. 1

                                      Honestly, going OpenBSD is the only driver here. I think it is the last true Unix system these days. GNU (the userland utilities) are fragmented and incorporate too much ‘features’, and Linux is getting more bloat on every release. OpenBSD developers take appropriate decisions on design with security as a first consideration.

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                                      Huh, cwm has shadows? Or is that a separate compositor feature?

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                                        You are correct, I’m using compton, changing only the shadow-opacity to 0.3, and adding Firefox class windows exceptions, the rest is the default configuration.

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                                      “Desktop”/Emacs - my setup’s been one-full-screen-app-per-workspace for years now and I find it helps me focus. I have bindings to toggle between Emacs, iTerm and Chrome:

                                      • C-c M-a from Emacs switches to iTerm,
                                      • C-c M-a from iTerm switches to Emacs, and
                                      • C-c M-c from either Emacs or iTerm switches to Chrome.
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                                        1. 6

                                          Here is a shot I submitted to r/unixporn. It’s i3 with a Solaris CDE inspired theme I created. My computer is a Dell XPS 9360, a Vortex Vibe keyboard and a new Microsoft Intellimouse. Time is spent mostly in Emacs coding. Since I dont’t use an external monitor, I use i3 with one app per workspace usually.

                                          1. 1

                                            Damn man, what a beautiful theme. Wouldn’t mind if you shared it :)

                                            1. 1

                                              Sure, everything should be here https://github.com/julienXX/i3config

                                            2. 1

                                              What’s the file manager there, if I may ask?

                                              1. 1

                                                It’s SpaceFM with MacOS classic icons.

                                            3. 6

                                              My Dell XPS 9550 running NetBSD-current. I’m particularly proud of it because of how much work it was to get it working well.

                                              Some non-standard things I do: I use two types of terminal emulators - rxvt-unicode for most things and pangoterm for when I want to read bidirectional text. vim keybindings for the browser (vimium-ff in my case).

                                              otherwise, I feel like a stereotype: dwm, mutt, vim, transparent urxvt, etc. a lot of my choices were derived from trying to avoid RSI, which I noticed I get when switching back and forth from a mouse, so I tried to avoid it as much as possible. non-graphical email is good for doing it over SSH.

                                              1. 6


                                                StumpWM. On the right: Vim with a grabbed textified copy of this page. I do read more of the web like that than in the browser. I indeed skimmed the list of the descriptions there and only started the browser (on the left) to upload an image to Imgur and write a comment here. I use Vim (and do not use Emacs).

                                                On the left — my Firefox setup. Minimal UI, tab bar auto-hidden even with multiple tabs (but there are just Lobsters and Imgur because I start a separate ns-isolated Firefox instance for every browsing tabs). Orange stripes in the address bar show that Marionette is enabled in this instance (I always enable it for script control of the browser — enabling Javascript as needed, dumping the pages that need some manual Javascript navigation, etc).

                                                On the bottom — my system information xterm. WiFi state, email count (fresh/deferred/long-term-deferred), web stream status (fresh/backlog), IP adresses, free RAM (free/free+caches), battery state, date, UTC and non-UTC time. (there are sometimes more timezones, and they are sometimes marked with 3-letter place codes). Email and web streams are fetched in the background and listed in a database. Then they are read in Vim via QueryFS that represents an SQL query to list the fresh entries as a directory of symlinks (deleting a symlink marks the entry as read).

                                                1. 4

                                                  Hi5, StumpWM buddy!

                                                  Here’s my desktop at work: https://i.imgur.com/cFUfqlG.png although it isn’t really showing work stuff but most of my virtual desktops have the same layout. I’ve got an ultrawide screen which I love but I could really use another monitor for keeping chat always visible.

                                                  Void Linux, StumpWM, Emacs + Slime + Evil (Vim keybindings), rxvt with unicode, Firefox (I wish it wasn’t bright white but it’s just too much of a hassle). Working on a Common Lisp version of my ex-boss’ @ahu Hello DNS.

                                                  As can be seen in the upper-right two sync services are running: pCloud and Dropbox. I transferred to pCloud a good while ago because of its price but had to revert to Dropbox for really important files like the password manager because I got too many sync conflicts. Still pCloud is really nice as a remote NAS.

                                                  1. 1

                                                    How would an extra monitor help? If you have an ultrawide monitor, you probably do have some space you could allocate for the IM (or not?). In StumpWM group switching is global anyway. That’s why I just use tagging instead…

                                                    1. 2

                                                      Oh darn, that’s true. I forgot about the group switching being global since I was still using i3 when on multiple monitors. Well, I’ll find a way.

                                                      Anyway, I’m pretty set in my ways on where I want my chat and it’s on a separate monitor :-)

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                                                  My setup: xmonad
                                                  I currently run Debian Stable(stretch) on a broken Samsung i5 laptop, keyboard doesn’t work so i have it plugged into a monitor and external keyboard and mouse.

                                                  I run Xmonad with xmobar and dmenu(suckless-tools).
                                                  Firefox has vim vixen for easy reduced mouse usage. Would love to use Qutebrowser but without noscript its a no go.
                                                  I use both vim and sublime text 3 for programming.
                                                  I use Yggdrasil for encrypted networking, i also have several projects that interact with this network.

                                                  1. 9

                                                    pushcx desktop

                                                    Basically the same as 2015: I no longer have the bookmarks bar turned on in Firefox; I added caffiene-indicator to the systray for disabling the screensaver; I toned down my vim colorscheme to one based on jcs’s but with the LightItalic from Operator Mono for constants and comments. Still thinking of moving to xmonad, especially since July when awesomewm made some breaking changes to config files.

                                                    1. 3

                                                      DWM is the bestest… Awesome is a fork of it, but breaks things :D

                                                      1. 2

                                                        What’s the extension on the left of firefox?

                                                        1. 1

                                                          Tree-Style Tab. I find the grouping of tabs by parent and being able to open and close folders very useful.

                                                          1. 1

                                                            How do you shrink down the main horizontal firefox tab bar?

                                                            1. 1

                                                              Either Tree-Style Tab removes it or I dragged it around in the usual Firefox appearance customizer.

                                                              1. 1

                                                                Hmm. Tree-Style Tabs doesn’t seem to change the main tab bar for me, and I can’t figure out a way to change it in the customizer.

                                                        2. 2

                                                          I recommend Xmonad, ive been using it for a lot of years and it never lets me down. make sure to add xmobar as well for a nice info bar.

                                                          Ill post my setup later today.

                                                          1. 2

                                                            We had a nice chat about fonts in #lobsters in response to this thread and there were a bunch of mono italics I hadn’t heard of before: @zpojqwfejwfhiunz shared Dank Mono, @flyingfisch shared Plex, and @zdsmith shared PragmataPro. None cursive like Operator, but very nice fonts (except for the f in Dank mono).

                                                            1. 1

                                                              I can’t find any way to view the full size image of any of these imgur posts… and the page is full of random memes.

                                                              1. 1

                                                                If you load them in the browser, open the link twice (first time works as a redirect to the image page, but once you load the image page, further requests for the image itself give you indeed the image, regardless of the Referer: field). I use wget and Geeqie, so for me they load fine the first time.

                                                            2. 5

                                                              my desktop background (used this in a previous post, but whatever)

                                                              It’s sort of a joke to me, I’ve got ‘Windows 95’ running better than Windows 10 runs on this thing…

                                                              Running at half resolution, with patched xrandr nearest neighbour filtering to make it look crisp.

                                                              Having a low powered tablet for my work sort of forces me to focus on my text editor and the essentials.

                                                              1. 4
                                                                1. 1

                                                                  Hey! What is the address bar addon you use for firefox?

                                                                  1. 2

                                                                    Dark by Mozilla. It’s installed by default. Just enable it.

                                                                2. 4

                                                                  Here is mine. This is Emacs using my own custom theme and using a cool mode called purpose that ensures that when I open text files, they go on the left, and the magit, compilation, and shell windows stay where they are.

                                                                  1. 4

                                                                    Have a screenshot. I’m running:

                                                                    • StumpWM, mostly due to having installed it when I configured this laptop and not having bothered to change it ever since. I’m hoping to replace it with my own once I’m done shaving the X11 bindings yak.
                                                                    • mlterm, because it’s the one with the lowest typing latency that supports unicode decently. Font’s Fixedsys Excelsior.
                                                                    • neovim, because I’ve been using vim since I started programming and whenever I try to begin with emacs I get lost in the customization.
                                                                    • Firefox with a bunch of plugins, deadbeef, HexChat.
                                                                    • Fedora underneath all of this, because I got tired of linux administration and it looked like the one with the best balance between popularity, stability and freshness of the packages.
                                                                    1. 1

                                                                      Nice. More people than I expected are running StumpWM.

                                                                    2. 4

                                                                      My ThinkPad T410 running Void Linux: Screenshot

                                                                      Pretty simple, utilitarian, setup. Using i3 window manager purely because it’s quick to configure to how I like it, rofi for program start/menu, tint2 for status bar. Terminals are urxvt and a minimal zsh. That’s a radare2 session and a blurry weechat instance ;)

                                                                      Used to run OpenBSD on this thing with a very similair setup, but it doesn’t play nice with roaming PEAP when I’m at work. Might go back to it when that’s a bit nicer to set up.

                                                                      1. 4

                                                                        macOS, three physical screens (13” MBP, 24” landscape, 21” portrait 4:3): screenshot

                                                                        I use Spaces (Virtual Desktops?) on all screens independently, basic layout of stuff is:

                                                                        Left screen:

                                                                        • Slack
                                                                        • IRC (LimeChat)
                                                                        • Safari - one tab, one window for playing YouTube in the corner of my vision when concentration allows

                                                                        Middle screen:

                                                                        • Editor/Terminal half/half, and then other random apps open on this Space too (like iTunes, Finder, Tweetbot, Photos, etc)

                                                                        Right screen:

                                                                        • Safari - all my browsing happens here
                                                                        • Preview - PDF reading on here too
                                                                        1. 4


                                                                          I switched to stock kubuntu because I don’t have the energy to deal with broken or missing stuff. mind you, I still get issues with resuming from suspend, but there’s nothing I can do about it because Windows also refuses to install on machine.

                                                                          1. 3

                                                                            My current Linux desktop


                                                                            1. 3

                                                                              Weeeee! https://cdn.monokro.me/wallpapers/root.png

                                                                              Left is a horizontal monitor, then a 4K one, then a vertical one… xwd renders the background in the areas around the screens, since it’s part of the root window… That was cool to see happen :D

                                                                              1. 3


                                                                                nothing is going on

                                                                                1. 3

                                                                                  My work desktop is a slightly updated version of the dwm I shared in 2015.

                                                                                  I mostly use Terminator, emacs and Firefox, but I also started using Goland for Go development.

                                                                                  1. 3

                                                                                    My desktops. In them:

                                                                                    • Sublime Text with wpool
                                                                                    • iTerm2 with top, a pinger, a server running and some other consoles
                                                                                    • inaka’s slack
                                                                                    • Musicmatch with a Megadeth song 🤘
                                                                                    • Toggl
                                                                                    1. 3

                                                                                      i3wm with vbar

                                                                                      I’m using i3wm with vbar. I wrote vbar because all other bars I found had confusing configuration, or weren’t really programmable.

                                                                                      My dev machines are provisioned with box and my dotfiles are here

                                                                                      The theme I’m using at the moment is called flatwhite, and is copied from an Atom theme I believe. http://github.com/AndrewVos/vimfiles.

                                                                                      1. 3

                                                                                        Thinkpad T450s running OpenBSD -current with cwm: https://files.mastodon.social/media_attachments/files/006/832/655/original/4e68c1e962b5fbea.jpeg

                                                                                        • st as Terminal, with ksh and tmux
                                                                                        • weechat
                                                                                        • neomutt
                                                                                        • vim

                                                                                        I no longer use i3bar as status bar since I decided to go without a bar.

                                                                                        1. 3

                                                                                          Here’s my desktop!

                                                                                          I’m primarily running on macOS. I use iTerm’s integrated window splitting to keep an eye on a project as well as watch IRC chats. Although, I’m looking at this thread and realizing there are a ton of tools than I’m not taking advantage of.

                                                                                          I utilize VS Code for my IDE primarily, but I’m starting to veer towards VIM more and more (as I get used to it).

                                                                                          1. 3

                                                                                            Hmm. Screenshots don’t quite cut it.

                                                                                            Have one monitor in portrait mode on the left and another in landscape on the right.

                                                                                            firefox or emacs full screen on one or the other. Emacs currently with a left/right split on landscape screen. (Usually top/bottom split if on portrait screen)

                                                                                            1. 3

                                                                                              Screenshots are nice w/ multi monitor, too! Mine is similar to yours, except vertical on the right :)


                                                                                            2. 3

                                                                                              Am I the only one who sticks to a stock Gnome desktop?

                                                                                              Admittedly it’s usually covered up by a maximised emacs.

                                                                                              1. 2

                                                                                                It sounds like there are a bunch of people whose philosophy is to mess with the defaults as little as possible, so you’re in good company broadly speaking.

                                                                                                1. 1

                                                                                                  I am also using a plain Gnome desktop :-)


                                                                                                2. 3

                                                                                                  desktop and battle station

                                                                                                  The usual stuff: awesome with lots of tabs, some poorly written widgets, and a relatively minimal vim with the excellent merlin. xterm for minimal typing latency. Other stuff in the background: cmus, unbound, redshift, neomutt. The laptop is a heavyweight (5 kg) Clevo P775 with desktop components and a 3k screen.

                                                                                                  1. 3

                                                                                                    I’m currently using AwesomeWM + multicolor copycat theme with some tweaks.
                                                                                                    My setup is basically a X99 and an LG Ultrawide screen.

                                                                                                    1. 2

                                                                                                      Having switched back to Linux after 10 years in MacOS X, I am reveling in the brilliant simplicity and total keyboard driven experience of i3wm

                                                                                                      My screenshots aren’t very interesting to look at because I have each app type assigned to its own workspace. I’m trying to decide whether I can tolerate nvim-qt or whether I need to fall back to text mode Neovim, or maybe try something else :)

                                                                                                      Also I’m experimenting with the Zeal docset viewer to replace Dash in IOS which is one of the things I miss about working there.

                                                                                                      I also miss Alfred but I suspect that’ll be just a matter of scripting i3 appropriately.

                                                                                                      Anyway, The screenshot/animgif :)

                                                                                                      1. 2

                                                                                                        Not much has changed since 2015 or 2017 if I tidy up my office I might post a picture of my battlestation…

                                                                                                        1. 2

                                                                                                          Here’s my current desktop. I’m currently running Mint 19 with a fairly vanilla theme. Minty-Y on most things with an orange icon scheme to go with the Halloween themed wallpaper. I’m using xonsh for my shell as I’m currently learning Python, and it seemed like a interesting option. I’ve honestly not used the more “Pythony” aspects of the shell so far, but maybe I’ll get around to it eventually.

                                                                                                          1. 2


                                                                                                            Using xfce (with metabox), as I have for most of the time I have been using linux. One panel up top with window buttons and various dials and gizmos. Front and center is Firefox. I recently upgraded my ram, and have been spending most of it on even more open tabs. I have a fairly standard array of addons (at least for this site), the notable exceptions being FoxyProxy for when I occasionally need to use a proxy, and RES for my favorite non-lobsters link aggregation site. On my second monitor is KVIrc, which I have recently gone back to after years of using different irc clients. I haven’t configured the theme to my liking yet, and it is honestly a bit more colorful than I prefer. In my other workspace I have my terminal, which is relatively unmodified from the default xfce4 terminal, except for the colorscheme (solarized dark). At some point I may move to a tiling wm, but I haven’t had the impetus to make the jump yet.

                                                                                                            1. 2

                                                                                                              It’s just macOS with nothing changed that I can remember. Dark mode when I feel like it.

                                                                                                              1. 2

                                                                                                                The ‘desktop’ is whatever the machine happens to stand on, currently the kitchen table. When booted - which I don’t do all that often as the machine quietly goes to sleep when the lid is closed - the screen is black except for a ‘login:’ line top left. Log in and it shows a console in small print - 1600x1200 T42p with a small console font worth of small print. If I want X I run startx which… gives me a black screen with a narrow bar on top:


                                                                                                                Look well or you’ll miss that bar. Left shows the 9 workspaces and the window management state indicator, middle hte window title (currently not showing any window so no title), right the tray icons (shutter for screenshots, Telegram) and some system state indicators (conky).

                                                                                                                A more typical screen looks like this:


                                                                                                                10 terminals running various tools - currently working on Peertube.

                                                                                                                  1. 1