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    Honest question: Why are C programmers so keen about libraries being within one single source file? I guess it’s great if a library is simple and small, but a single file can also be very big…

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      Probably because of the lack of a package and dependency management system.

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        After having experience with old software and pip (Specifically trying (and failing) to get OsChameleon up and running) I feel safer knowing that a tarball of my code will build and work forever given POSIX 2008 is supported, and a good C compiler. Introducing package management systems into a programming language to me feels like a disgusting half-baked replication of a problem that is already ideally solved for 99% of linux systems.

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      The main changes since 0.4.0 (the last time it was posted here):

      • The library is continuously fuzzed by OSS-Fuzz
      • Optimizations for x86 is no longer an external patch
      • Source code amalgamation

      There’s also benchmarks (bottom of page) between spng, libpng, stb_image, and lodepng.

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        How I can get dictionary (and)or modyfi it?

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