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      Hey, this is my project!

      I started this when I was in between jobs and unfortunately it’s kind of stalled because I had difficulties implementing the file system. Really want to get back to it some time. Thanks for linking to it.

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      I have been curious if targeting a virtual machine such as qemu would make driver implementation easier; only one disk interface, one network card, one gfx device, etc. since your just accessing what the vm gives you. Does anyone have experience with this?

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        I don’t personally but I’ve been following [https://www.redox-os.org/](Redox OS) and that seems to be their process for that reason.

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          (Note: markdown links have the text in the square brackets, and the link in the parentheses)

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      Oh great - another pointless project I won’t be able to ignore!

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      I was hoping for the file system and exe part.