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    This was my first game and I thought for years that I just sucked at videogames.

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      Yes! This was my first RPG. It was very hard but I got better at the jumping, eventually. Some games were meant to be hard back then, I actually kind of liked e.g. Baldur’s Gate where you would walk into a room and get creamed by high-level NPCs and die. I also liked the dark theme of U8… so much that when I played the other Ultima’s I was confused by all the good guy stuff. The fiddliness of the pentagrams made the magic seem more arcane. Overall - I think it likely could have become a good game with some additional dev time.

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        Oh no! That must have been traumatic. I feel bad for past-you.

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        I had heard great things about Ultima so I bought this as a kid (I remember it was really expensive at the time), I was sooo bad at it, I remember jumping, as it says in the article, was impossible to do accurately; and the 3D-ish overlay blocked the sights in a problematic way.

        I also remember there was this item called the Slayer which could pretty much one shot things, but you had to platform over this terrain which was nearly impossible (at least for an 8~10 year old me).

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          Wasn’t Ultima VIII also the one that on the DOS side required horrible contortions involving memory managers just to get it to run?

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            I think 7 is particularly famous for that. Unlike 8, it’s also famous for being an excellent and groundbreaking game.